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  1. Matzi

    Greetings Beam Masters

    I feel so loved by all :p Thank you all very much for the kind welcomes. As of now I am waiting on a friend of mine to organize a laser from his step father :evil: I am glad to hear that there are other Southern African's in this amazing community :) Will post results once I obtain my laser, and...
  2. Matzi

    Greetings Beam Masters

    Thank you for the welcome Diachi :) I appreciate the input, I was skeptical as a laser that strong would never be that cheap :oops: I suppose this also explains why my other "<3000mW" is so weak as well :whistle: Nonetheless I will indeed keep looking for a good starter laser, my friends...
  3. Matzi

    Greetings Beam Masters

    Hello all, please allow me to introduce myself. I am a 17 year old residing in sunny Southern Africa. Since I was a child laser pointers have always been the most fascinating objects. Becoming older I became more and more involved with them and eventually came across this community. :yh: I've...