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    LASORB - THE ultimate laser diode protection

    Well... I don't normally post on here... I used to, but have not frequented the LPF forums in a very long time. I am more present currently on a different forum, and some of you may know me from there as well... I do see that there are quite a few posts out there on how to protect/preserve...
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    This looks really familiar...

    Seems like one of the units from my GB... ;D http://cgi.ebay.com/1W-Laser-Power-Meter-LPM-1-Kit-DPSS-Argon-Diode_W0QQitemZ180267174985QQihZ008QQcategoryZ105805QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem --DDL
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    FS: PHR-803T sleds... SHIPS NOW!

    Hey all, As most people are now aware, these are the powerful version of the BluRay (KES-400AAA) sleds. These have been shown to output power beyond 100mW at 405nm. Price will be $27 shipped domestically via priority mail. They are also available for overseas shipping with added shipping cost...
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    Guess the man in the video...

    :-X --DDL
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    This is INCREDIBLE!!!!!

    http://www.steelcitysfinest.com/HondaAccordAd.htm Discuss :) --DDL
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    Not an April Fool's Joke!

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827136137 6X BluRay Burner at $279.99 with free shipping from NewEgg! That's a whopping $40+ cheaper than eBay... :D In the world of 'buy it to kill it' $40+ is a big savings ;) That's more than 14% savings :) <--- Just picked one up ;D...
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    Feb. 10, 2008 PHAZORS!!!

    Hey all... For all those who've been waiting for a very long time... here's your chance... Check out the PHAZOR Zone... http://pay.lasingpix.com/gpay-phazor.html Ok, it's not really all that 'pretty', but it does the trick :) If anyone find any errors in this new page, please let me know...
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    DONE *** Feb. 9, 2008  NEW BluRay GB... *** D

    Hey all... I suppose you all know the deal by now ;) The site is up now. Same link as before: http://pay.lasingpix.com/gpay-bluray.html Please include your forum ID with your order... It helps tremendously with tracking the PM's and relating it to my payment sheet... China is on their second...
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    [m]: Will this work for a standard diode driver??

    [moved] Help & Repairs [move by] Daedal.
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    *** BluRays for $25... ***

    You guessed it... the price dropped yet again. :D :D The same rules apply as the previous GB's. The purchase site: http://pay.lasingpix.com/gpay-bluray.html Dig in :) --DDL
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    **** Happy turkey day  ****

    To all those who celebrate it... Just wanted to wish you a happy thanksgiving day. Enjoy your turkey ;) --DDL
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    New Stone?

    http://www.anewstone.com/20mw-blue-laser-pointer-bl1003-p-54.html Truth? Scam? You decide... ::) --DDL
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    LaserWave product review by Daedal

    300mW Green and 100mW Blue laser review A couple weeks back Laser Wave had sent me a couple of their laser modules to test. Please allow me to first start off about their support and their responsiveness. These guys are superb. They respond quickly, they are very courteous and very...
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    *** SECOND LPM GB *** Laser Power Meter $160

    Hey all... A very successful GB took place not too long ago for these... and as soon as the orders were finished people had already started asking about a second GB. Right now I have the following list of participants: DoughDTD RobTheVIP Ashton Rubberband badinstincts shilhood gyrodryve The...
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    This can't be real!!!

    ;D ;D I fell over once he started... ;D Enjoy; DDL
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    [m]: DX Greens

    [moved] General [move by] Daedal.
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    DONE ***  BluRays again ;)  *** DONE

    Congrats to DrLava for getting his GB off to a great and VERY quick start and finish. As you all know, as soon as the first GB was done, the planning for the second one was underway already due to the high demand. :D Well... now as I have seen the kind on interest these ones have drawn so far...
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    *** Deal Watch ***

    $2 for a heatsink!! This thing is not of the best design, but free after rebates... and shipping is $1.99 Can't go wrong there! ;D Enjoy; DDL
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    [moved] General [move by] Daedal.
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    INTEREST GAUGE for PHAZOR Diodes -- 200mW CW!!!

    These are the diodes that have been tested here... http://www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1190328953 They are capable of 350mW pulsed and are rated at 200mW CW... 200mW of amazing, powerful, hot, and burning red! The supplier has agreed to give me a break in the price...