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  1. vortish

    ColdHeat Solder irons

    I got a ColdHeat solder pen for christmas and I am wondering if any one else has one and how they like it over traditional pens of the same kind! It looks really cool but I am wondering how practical they are! any way if any one has one let me know what you thing of it!
  2. vortish

    ABL COIL laser

    The Air Force since the early nineties has been playing around with the ABL or airborne laser idea. The government pumped billions in funding to make this the primary anti ballistic missile platform with a proposed fleet of 20 aircraft at 120 billion dollars each. Each aircraft would be a flying...
  3. vortish

    What gives you nightmares in the animal world!

    So some of you find spiders to be fascinating. Me on the other hand screams like a little girl when i see them bastards! They are a whole lot of NOPE fuck the hell off thing for me. I love snakes on the other hand and most lizards as well. My wife hates lizards and snakes! she says that a...
  4. vortish

    3d printing

    Hey all does any one know were a guy that does not have a lot of money can get things printed for cheap or were to find the parts to make a printer for cheap. I know you can run them off ardunio which I have three but I would need the stepper motors and the associated hardware to build such a...
  5. vortish


    has any one heard of this diode and if so does it lase any were close to what this ad says. If so I may want to pick one up. I just have never heard of the company and a 638nm diode that has that power! USHIO HL63283HD 638nm 1200W Organe-Red Laser Diode/Single Beam High Power Diode
  6. vortish

    Using Diode lasers to pump disk lasers

    I came across this article while reading Laser focus world. It is a very interesting article for those that like to read like I do...
  7. vortish

    473 driver

    I have a extra b an w tech 473 driver that im looking to sell for twenty bucks or trade. I also have a crystal set I have to look at what it is for I am selling for twenty as well. I have a arduinio uno clone for ten comes with cord. Im looking for gas lasers or modules in 532, 450, or 808 post...
  8. vortish

    got a job

    I got a new job today as a armed security officer for a security company I am excited! any way hope you all have a good day
  9. vortish

    Feeler for 445 nm Module $35-40

    I am in contact with a supplier in china that may be able to get us 1 watt 5.6 mm modules in 445 at 35 dollars a pieceat a min order of 100 pieces and 40 dollars each for a min order of 50. I am just seeing if there is enough interest in a gb for this. Mr Peng Thanks again for your prompt...
  10. vortish

    For sale

    Ok guys I need to pay some bills like yesterday I need to sell a few more of my lasers up for sale is my aprox two hundred mw 532 laser I got from Hap. I am asking 75 plus shipping Pending Sale 2. Jds Uniphase 532 module needs work ? mw asking 25 plus shipping 3. CNI 30 mw 532 nm...
  11. vortish

    Deconstructing a Rear Projector Tv

    I found someone giving away a rear projection tv for free. I snapped that up. So far I have just removed one main power board and one of the lens assemblies. It is surprising little in the way of actual electronics in these tvs. I will take some pictures later on when I dissemble it some more...
  12. vortish

    laser printers

    Saw a add on craiglist for a free Laser Printer so I said what the hell I get it and tear it apart for components for other projects. So I got to the laser part of it and its kind of weird not what I expected lots of mirrors and plastic optics but the middle of it had this big round looking...
  13. vortish


    So the other day I got a ten buck gift card for ebay. So I spent a total of a day and decided to get in to Arduino as it has interested me for a while! So for ten dollars plus 86 cents I came out with a generic Arduino R3 and a LCD Shield and voltmeter and ammeter combo for a small desk top...
  14. vortish

    A way to get gift cards.

    I use a program called swagbucks. it is actually a search engine and they have tons of sponsors. So for every point you earn you can work your way towards free gift cards. I just cashed some points in for a ten dollar gift card for ebay. The max I have seen for ebay is 100 bucks but its a lot...
  15. vortish

    have you got a family member to buy some thing for you

    I want to know if any one on LPF and I am talking about the older crowd gotten a family member into to buying some thing for you. It was my birthday yesterday I hit the big 40 and nothing for me this year. But in years past I have gotten my family to buy me something small for my birthday Has...
  16. vortish

    Mech Mods and DTR laser can

    I been seeing people using DTR's laser adapter for mech mods and I see lots of them on embay and wondered what you all think of the ones that i am going to post would look like with one of those cans. Also DTR I know that the current model is aluminum have you though of doing one out of copper...
  17. vortish


    Hey guys I have a bunch of 532s and im looking to get rid of some of them. Most were metered and built by pman. I need other colors. my one watt 450 is out of commission it needs to be fixed. I have 632, 473 which need to be worked on, 405, and 650. I am looking for 520, 488, I like some of the...
  18. vortish


    Hey all Well we are moving a hour a way to Moses Lake Wa. We are moving closer to my Doctor and closer to jobs. I am still only allowed to work very little due to the fiber myaliga till I am cleared to work more from my doctors at the UW medical center. We are moving in with my brother in law...
  19. vortish


    every thing in my list is for sale minues one of my hene and that is my little uniphase and my 1 watt blue. shipping will be paid by the buyer any reasonable offer will be taken. I need to make two grand in order to move. I also have a bench top psu worth a hundred I will take 75 for and 30...
  20. vortish


    Hey Gals/Guys Well Here is a update on my condition for those that care. I am still broke! Sill do not know what is wrong. I been going to Seattle to the University of Washington's Medical Center. It is the only Level one Trauma center for Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Washington. its a crazy...