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  1. WretchedMerc

    portal (computer game) free until may 24

    Figured I would let you guys know about it! Portal is FREE!
  2. WretchedMerc

    Jetlasers 150mW Portable Green Laser

    I did receive this laser as a review laser from Handheld lasers,Laser modules,Diode lasers,Laser Safety Goggles - Jetlasers Laser Pointer Pen - ⊕ Powerful Blue,Red,Green Laser Pointer Best Deal and this is my honest and unbiased review! Jetlasers.net PGL 150mW 532nm Appearance/Feel The...
  3. WretchedMerc

    touchscreen mp4 for laser!!!

    it has a touch screen, flip function with keyboard 700 nes games, a speaker and 4 gb's of storage expandable with a micro sd! Contact me if you are willing to trade! has a small nick that is very small at the top left hand corner but is not on touch screen and does not affect functionality!
  4. WretchedMerc

    Does anyone have a google checkout and paypal?

    If you have both a google checkout and paypal I will send you the money on your paypal and then you could purchase the batteries from Mrdusanmandic via google checkout. After you send him the money then I will give him my address!
  5. WretchedMerc

    Problem with laserchat.org

    Closing Link: WretchedMerc[widget.mibbit.com] (Too many connections from your IP) this is the error can anyone help?
  6. WretchedMerc

    Dont do drugs*funnyvid*

    UjqxHUuzDiY This is why I dont do drugs XD
  7. WretchedMerc

    What music do you like?

    I was wondering what kind of music everyone listens to.
  8. WretchedMerc


    He is known as danstitans on ebay and I have to say he has fast shipping, over spec lasers and replies to your emails in no time flat! Thanks PS: 12 bucks is a steal for those lasers!
  9. WretchedMerc

    The official Kenom donation thread

    Hello as most of you have already heard Kenom has had a very hard time and may become homeless if you have any extra money in your paypal or if you are feeling generous and want to help a very nice and helpful vet overcome these hard times please send a donation to ken at this email...
  10. WretchedMerc

    Focal price screw up!!!

    Focal price labeled a red laser pointer as 532nm. bahaha Focalprice.com offers 5mw 532nm Powerful Red Laser Pointer Pen ,discount 5mw 532nm Powerful Red Laser Pointer Pen,5mw 532nm Powerful Red Laser Pointer Pen products,low price 5mw 532nm Powerful Red Laser Pointer Pen,cheap 5mw 532nm...
  11. WretchedMerc


    I have a 6x micro chrome mini blu-ray it is putting out 160mW with a jayrob 405g1! I believe it has a flexdrive set to 190mA! It is very nice! there is light scratching around the body not much just dont want you to be like omg a scratch! It has a ggw diode and it was just put in by FlaminPyro...
  12. WretchedMerc

    6X Blu-ray review!

    Micro-Chrome 6x mini purple/violet! Appearance/Feel Feels heavy and sturdy in my hand, focusing head is really steady! Features Has an all chrome body, easily focusable head and a glass lens! Uses one 10440 rechargeable battery, GGW-H20L running at 190ma.:beer: Beam/Dot The dot is an oval...
  13. WretchedMerc


    I found this seller to be very nice and honest! My package shipped promptly, and he even left work just to send it out for me. Package it came in was very well packed and was at my p.o box in 3 days! Overall he is a great guy to deal with and you will not be disapointed with his builds! Thank...
  14. WretchedMerc

    Laserglow Hercules *EBAY*

    Its a laser glow herc I found on ebay and figured some of you might want to take a look! It is in its last 20 hours of bidding High Powered Green Laser Hercules LaserGlow.com - eBay (item 170445671494 end time Feb-19-10 18:11:14 PST)
  15. WretchedMerc

    Do not buy this diode

    405nm 300mw burning blu-ray laser diode. USA 3 day ship - eBay (item 270527430441 end time Mar-08-10 15:20:52 PST)
  16. WretchedMerc

    SOLD Thanks Everyone!!!

  17. WretchedMerc

    100mw rayfoss greenie

    Rayfoss 100mw greenie Appearance/Feel Very sturdy in your hand, great looking and the button feels great Features Has a key switch on the back, focusing head and shutter for extra protection. Beam/Dot The dot is super bright and the beam can be seen inside in the light and outside it looks...
  18. WretchedMerc

    Ignore this double post

    Sorry for the double post i clicked the button twice accidentally Delete/Ignore
  19. WretchedMerc

    screambuy laser opinion

    do you think this laser would be a good purchase? or has anyone purchased anything from screambuy thanks!!! 532nm green laser flashlight (silver with green) [bgp-0019 532nm green] : Screambuy electronic consume products
  20. WretchedMerc

    Wtb:green laser

    Hey i want a green laser that can burn i have 190 dollars looking for a dragon laser, CNI, maybe wicked lasers! thanks, WretchedMerc looking for anything over 100mw