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  1. Helios

    Risen from the dead to ask for a favor - I need your opinions

    Hello Everyone! I don't mess around with lasers anymore unfortunately, but I am still building things or trying at the very least. I am working on a startup that is producing a product for men's haircuts. We are trying to get a gauge on people's experiences while getting their hair cut. Men's...
  2. Helios

    Tight beam through HID projector housing

    Hello all, I have a pretty simple question that I cannot for the life of me find an answer to. By removing any shielding (high beam cutoff) and adjusting the depth of the HID lamp in the housing can you focus the light into a tight beam for long throw? I've had good success with big traditional...
  3. Helios

    100W HID Spotlight - Price Reduced $150

    Hello everyone, I have been gone for a while but I built this crazy spotlight awhile ago and it's time for a new project. The light was a Thor with 130w halogen. The halogen was under powered and not very impressive. I removed all the internals and replaced the bulb with a 100W HID and managed...
  4. Helios

    What would you do with a 15KV Transformer? NST

    So my roommate works construction and picked up this baby during a demo for free! The obvious projects came to mind...Jacob's ladder, tesla coil. Any other ideas? I am leaning towards the tesla but I have only lightly researched the topic and it seems quite finicky to get right. Also I know...
  5. Helios

    Project Concentric - 20" High Speed Spinning High Power LED Sphere Build

    First I want to give credit where credit is due. This project was inspired by FireMyLaser's led ball build. http://laserpointerforums.com/f57/led-orb-2-0-a-50012.html His project is awesome and in the spirit of innovation I wanted to give it a try with a few tweaks! Project Concentric...
  6. Helios

    Wiring 4 LEDs with a common ground?

    All of my electrical know how is self taught and I dont think that this will work but I am trying to figure out a solution. I need to be able to turn on 4 LEDs separately but I need to run them through 2 slip rings. To save myself from having to make what would be 16 slip rings for just these...
  7. Helios

    Focusing 100W HID Spotlight

    I put a 100W HID kit in a Cyclops Thor Colossus spotlight. The spotlight has a HUGE reflector but I'm not getting the throw I want. I've tried adjusting the bulb in and out but can't find the sweet spot. I have noticed that the beam has a bit of a focal point. If the light is focused inward to...
  8. Helios

    7Ah SLA Battery for 100W HID

    Hey this isn't lasers but its batteries and still really cool! I am building two 100w HID spotlights using the THOR Colossus as a base. I am building these for some friends. They are not up to date on li ion charging procedures so the last thing I want is to make them a battery pack. My...
  9. Helios

    Gun Show - Not Political Discussion

    I was curious what some LPFers might be packing. I don't have pics of all of mine but I'll start with a few! Military Surplus CZ82 Antique Winchester 30-30 Custom Ruger 10/22 1932 Pre-War Hex Mosin Nagant I have some more fun toys and even some builds but this is a start!:beer:
  10. Helios

    Adjustable Battery Charger

    I have so many batteries of various types and im tired of having chargers for each one and then needing special one off chargers for any potential battery packs. Instead I would like to have a single charger that can be carefully set to the parameters of any 3-12V battery. Do these exist? I...
  11. Helios

    HID Modded Spotlight <$30 total cost!

    HID kit - $32 shipped flea bay - sold my friend half so that's $16 Closeout Thor s250 55w Spotlight - $12 Cheap 2 wire extension cord - $1.50 Left over solder, electrical tape, bits of wire and a washer - Lets say $.49 Total $29.99 for 3000 Lumens of Awesomeness :drool: HID Bulb Now for...
  12. Helios

    Laser Projector -> CNC Engraver?

    This is completely impractical BUT has anyone programmed their laser projector to move very slowly in order to engrave an image into something like a black plastic sheet or something else that would absorb the visible light? I know high power projectors tend to have larger beam specs but they...
  13. Helios

    New Pico Projector - 3M Brand

    Not sure if this has been discussed or if its projected via lasers but I just happened upon this and thought I would throw it out here for those who have some free time to investigate! 3M United States: 3M
  14. Helios

    Who Leaves Their Batteries Unattended to Charge?

    I have several Li-ion chargers all of which claim to stop charging once the led indicator changes color. (I also mainly use the premium unprotected sony, sanyo, LG etc cells) However I still never leave them charging overnight or when I am out of the house for even an errand. Am I being too...
  15. Helios

    Using Nano Technology and IR Lasers to Cure Cancer

    Very interesting. Hopefully this technology will actually work in humans and lead to better cancer treatment and possible cures :beer: Nanotechnology is about to change the world. [VIDEO] The video also discusses other uses for nanotechnology but they are not necessarily laser related. Still...
  16. Helios

    Dual Microflex or Dual Microboost?

    I am planning a dual driver build but I cannot decide between dual microflex or dual microboost. The battery I am using provides a working voltage of 3-3.3V and a max of 3.6V. Using the formula found on the microflex and microboost driver manual (Vout * Iout) / Vin <1.2 I get 1.2 for when I...
  17. Helios

    A Cheap Chinese 473nm Handheld Laser

    Look what I found LZSK - 473nm 10mW Water Proof Blue Laser Pointer IR filtered 10mW 473nm pointer for under $300. I dont keep up with the exotic DPSS wavelengths but isnt that a pretty good deal?
  18. Helios

    Posting a picture of safety glasses before starting a thread

    Its depressing how many new users ask about where to buy high power lasers without any intention of buying laser glasses. I am just throwing this idea out there but what if it was a rule that one must take and post a picture of their laser glasses before asking for laser buying advice? I think...
  19. Helios

    New Embed Youtube Feature - How to Use

    *** Posting images of text boxes from this forum onto this thread has made this a bit hard to follow so please only pay attention to the bold orange text as the rest of the test is actually within pictures:D Sorry if this causes any confusion Embedding videos can really improve a thread...
  20. Helios

    $70 Shipped - Bulk Lot of Good Stuff - Knives, batteries, LEDs etc.

    Ive got a lot of stuff here thats worth a lot more individually but I dont want to ship out 40 packages :crackup: so I am looking to sell this whole lot. Here it is ^^^^ the bag of battery holders was sold separately and is no longer part of this lot. Price has been reduced accordingly. 23...