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    7 W striker from sanwu is dead..

    Anyone that's bought from Sanwu before wanna chime in and verify whether they have reverse polarity protection?
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    7 W striker from sanwu is dead..

    Hold on, are you trying to tell me that a $400+ laser does not come with reverse polarity and over/under-voltage protection? Bruh, the components to implement the above mentioned protections cost less than a dollar at bulk... if Sanwu didn't bother to add them into their lasers then their...
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    How to Uninstall Avast Antivirus Completely

    Why can't a high man log onto any given forum and ask how to remove his antivirus?
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    Hit by laser direct to the eye

    Till we have affordable bionic eyes on the market, don't go shining a laser into your eyes!
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    Trying to build an insane 532 nm laser

    That's a scary (but amazing) power supply you've put together 😲
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    Trying to build an insane 532 nm laser

    What's the peak power of the beam?
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    Eye damage from 1mW 630nm red laser?

    ... unless they are some kind of off brand scanner that hasn't been approved for commercial use
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    Hit in eye with 1000mw 445nm blue laser

    Lasers are dangerous: youtu.be/AEreifi6PfI?t=199
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    Laser Lunar Solar Power Satellite

    All I know is that your standard laser pointer beam, when pointed at the moon, would diverge to the size of Texas by the time it got there
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    Dont Buy Sanwu's 1.6W Blue Laser

    Humans make mistakes and, like most companies, Sanwu is run by humans. Send it back and they should make it right
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    5W blue wont power on

    It amazes me how lasers can be made without reverse polarity protection when the components needed to add it to any given circuit cost less than 5 cents
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    New custom host NUBM44 build!

    You really should find a way to connect the heat output of the driver to the host, since the host can act as a giant heatsink
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    Galaxy Note 10+ Broken Power Button

    You sure you didn't walk into a genius dumbass bar by accident? Surely anybody with steady hands should be able to glue in a new button
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    Back from the hell and beyond.

    And that's why you never trust a cop... unless you're a lawyer or they're relatives or on your payroll :whistle:
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    NUBM44 Shortage

    Wait how do you know DTR's with the IDF?
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    Idiot co-worker brags about his laser misbehavior.

    If he really did blind someone, then yes. But how would you know? Either way... innocent until proven guilty
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    Homemade Laser Module?

    I once made a red burning laser using the cheapo cat pointers and these driver ICs: https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/the-absolute-cheapest-proper-diode-driver.107361/
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    Idiot co-worker brags about his laser misbehavior.

    Hmm, how do you get someone to stop doing something you don't like without totally ruining their life? How about (assuming you know his full identity) you find his address and send him a spoofed police warning/cease and desist, that way his life isn't ruined and he gets to stop doing what he's...
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    Idiot co-worker brags about his laser misbehavior.

    Lol just tell him about the $250K fine if he accidentally blinds someone and that ought to scare him straight
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    New handle green 2w!

    Very cool! Keep up the good work ;)