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  1. Rayz305

    Good host?

    Thank you for the heads up Marcus:)
  2. Rayz305

    Good host?

    I would appreciate some opinions, from anyone, if converting this cree flashlight into a proper host/build would be attainable and/or a good idea? As soon as I saw it, I automatically thought "must have..." NPD Cree LED Flashlight + Battery + Charger ? National Parks Depot :beer:
  3. Rayz305

    DTR's 3W: Olympus Mons(ter) PIC HEAVY

    Thank you all for the positive posts! Sorry for the delayed response as I have been extremely busy with work. As a member of this community, I feel gracious reading input from other members within the community. It would not have been possible for me to put a little project like this together it...
  4. Rayz305

    Anyone in the Miami, FL area?

    Wondering if anyone near Miami, FL with a working LPM would be kind enough to measure some lasers for me? Got a 50mW, 2W (stamped 1.6W), and my new addition, 3W. I'll drive to you or meet somewhere if need be. I'll bribe ya with some food, beers, or cookies:whistle:.
  5. Rayz305

    Thank you Flaminpyro :)

    Thank you Flaminpyro :)
  6. Rayz305

    DTR's 3W: Olympus Mons(ter) PIC HEAVY

    Well, the time has come. After a month of research and a week of waiting for parts, the time has arrived! Couldn't be happier with my first build :D As for it being my first build, DTR helped a lot when I had questions and/or was confused. For those who have never purchased from him, you're...
  7. Rayz305

    Hello from Miami,Fl

    Heya Manny, sorry for posting on a old thread, but I too am in Miami, FL. How'd your experiment go? I just got a 2W Lucklaser (stamped with a 1.6W diode :/) laser. Meh, but ordered a 3W kit from DTR. Super stoked! Anyway, hope all is well.:wave:
  8. Rayz305

    I'm also in the Miami/Homestead region. Good to know not isolated down here ;)

    I'm also in the Miami/Homestead region. Good to know not isolated down here ;)
  9. Rayz305

    I live in the miami/homestead region. Just sent ya a F.R. At least dont feel isolated here ;)

    I live in the miami/homestead region. Just sent ya a F.R. At least dont feel isolated here ;)
  10. Rayz305

    2w blue laser from lucklaser?

    Yup, i ordered one 3 weeks ago but it's still in customs, taking forever, as i mentioned to xirrious ;). Have you gotten your's yet, stevie? If so, how long did it take for you to receive it?
  11. Rayz305

    fried diode

    I think I know what you're talking about and where your heading with this. The only issue I think would occur is making the chargers for consumers and them charging them safely. Thinking that while the producer can do it safely, not sure if they'll be able to. But that's my dilemma anyhow. :/
  12. Rayz305

    fried diode

    Yes, for lighting such objects, and ciggs too lol. (m140 module in zippo case with driver and such)Yeah, imagine showing that to a smoker who's not that into lasers. I bet you they will be after they see that lol. Of course, taking all proper safe procedures. With 2W, should take about 5~7 seconds.
  13. Rayz305

    fried diode

    Thanks xirrious, I'll definitely do a review on it. Sorry about the 15% less power, as we laser enthusiasts want to get the max out of our diodes :(. As for the batteries, I need a specific one, or 2, 2x 340mAh 3.7v lipo batteries (I've searched high and low for that type everywhere and ebay in...
  14. Rayz305

    fried diode

    Doh, I did not know it was stamped with 1.6w diode! Saw 2W and I honestly believed them :banghead: Oh well, through our mistakes we learn. As to the laser itself, I still haven't received it! It's been stuck in customs in China for the past 3 weeks! So now, the only real 2W power that I have...
  15. Rayz305

    PL520-B1 Build in an Ehgemus Custom Host!!!

    Wow, nice build! Host looks pretty sleek, good stuff!
  16. Rayz305

    fried diode

    Sorry to hear about the unexpected departing of your diode. May it R.I.P:(
  17. Rayz305

    Why do you think Wicked Lasers is such a bad company?

    I've always known that WL had wayyyy over-priced products. But now realizing all the lies they say, in addition to their over priced products and poor quality, I'm glad I've never purchased from them.
  18. Rayz305

    Pics of the past 4 years on LPF - Warning Pic Heavy

    Wow, very nice collection! As I'm just beginning my building journey, I hope overtime my results conclude like yours!
  19. Rayz305

    My new M-140 laser lighter

    Awesome build Masterjoa! I've already commented on your youtube video but definitely not here. Already got all the parts (minus the m140) on the way. I'll make sure to post my results and credit you for the build!
  20. Rayz305

    Will this build work?

    Hehe, that was posted off my comment/question. But in theory, that should work. Just make sure you're using 2 3.7v batteries, as one would not suffice it with enough power. A proper heat sink is also recommended