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  1. Bogart

    Seeking tips on de-canning LDs

    I apologize if this has already been covered somewhere I have not yet looked. I have seen a number of posts talking about de-canning laser diodes, but not much said about the actual process. I have a number of LDs laying around (mostly 445s and 405s) that have damaged cans or windows that I...
  2. Bogart

    16x Diodes?

    I see there are some 16X BD-R drives around now... I wonder if the diodes used in them are any better than the 10X/12X ones. It looks like it might cost $279 to find out. :eek: :undecided: Edit: I fail. Looks like this has been covered already. They're not 16X BD-R writers...
  3. Bogart

    Driver mayhem

    Well, I'm having some horrible luck with drivers lately. So I had 3 drivers laying around that I use for testing diodes, configured with output leads and power connectors soldered on to connect to an ATX power supply. A Micro FlexDrive, a Micro BoostDrive, and one of the red AixiZ 500mA...
  4. Bogart

    What makes a Laser Diode different from an LED?

    So yeah, that's basically what I'm wondering. What distinguishes a laser diode from an LED? Both are diodes that emit light of a specific wavelength when energized. The light from a laser diode is not focused into a beam without the aid of a lens. Could someone take one of these bright CREE...
  5. Bogart

    FS: Heavy Duty test load kit 3000mA $10

    I got a whole bunch of these components and I'm offering them for sale. In one kit you will get 6 1N5404 diodes, rated for 3A, and a massive Russian 1 ohm 2% wirewound resistor rated for 10W. The diodes get nice and warm at 1500mA, but they don't smoke like I hear the 1N4000 series do. $10...
  6. Bogart

    FS: 660nm "flat" diodes from SF-BW512 sleds

    I have 9 of these things laying around and have no use for them. These are the red 660nm LOC diodes from the SF-BW512 series sleds, still in their factory heatsinks with the factory leads attached. I'm told these come in a 3.6mm package, and are therefore somewhat difficult to mount. I also...
  7. Bogart

    12x BR diode with an 18650 -- FlexDrive or BoostDrive?

    So I got some more of these SF-BW512P sleds now, and want to try putting one of the 405 diodes in an 18650 based host. Should I use Micro BoostDrive in order to achieve sufficient voltage, or will a Micro FlexDrive work just as well? In a similar thought, will the BoostDrive make longer use of...
  8. Bogart

    Killed my first 12x diode :(

    Well this is a bummer. I bought one of the PCMK-M1X sleds from rayfoss, my first 405 diode, and took my time harvesting the diode and cutting/breaking the heatsink off of it. I pressed it into an Aixiz base with a glass 405 lens, connected the leads to my FlexDrive, and powered it up. It sure...
  9. Bogart

    A130 yields

    So I have harvested about 7 of the A130 projectors now. I usually power them up for a minute or so to verify that they work before going for the diodes. I power up each diode to test it for good output, and so far have not had a single one come up bad. This time I used the projector for it's...
  10. Bogart

    How can I test at high powers without pressing the diode?

    I'm sorry if this has already been answered, but I could not locate the information easily. What would be a good method to these 445nm diodes at high power levels like 1 watt, without pressing them into an aixiz housing or heatsink (and the obvious difficulty involved in removing them...
  11. Bogart

    A130 vs A140 diodes - are they different?

    Does anyone know, or have any evidence showing whether the diodes from these two units are actually any different from one another, or are they the exact same thing, and the A140 just drives them harder?