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    ok fill me in

    Welcome back, John. It's been too long :beer:
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    My latest and Greatest Small Red Laser "276mW":D

    What's the price on one of these, if someone were to buy one?
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    Small-smaller-smallest drivers?

    Igor refers to IgorT, he was probably the best when it comes to DIY portable lasers. Designed and built his own SMD drivers by hand, and designed his own heatsinks that allowed incredible duty cycles with even 8-12X diodes. There's a reason you've probably never seen one of his lasers for sale...
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    Today on Woot (memorial day)

    Holy crap! Too bad that deal won't last very long. :(
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    New EliteLasers.com products! Introducing the AQUA Series and FOGGO Series!

    The Foggo series: EliteLasers.com - Powerful RED Laser Pointers - Up to 1000mW (1W) output!
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    He's using a true thermopile based meter, the LaserBee line (excluding the one with a real thermopile as well) and Alpha both use a TEC based sensor.
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    FS: 30mW 445nm pen

    At this low of a power though, the beam profile should be rather good though. Does the LED indicator work?
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    Heruuscience's Auction result

    What did they meter at?
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    Re: FS >50mW PGL-III-A 589nm Aryntha has one.
  10. Prototype

    510nm Laser Diodes

    They use mirrors on wire and they're moved via electric signals. Or so I was told.
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    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    HIMNL9 is right, they're designed for cleaning eyeglass lenses on both sides at once.
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    Am I the only one who prefers red to 405nm?

    I know this is a serious necropost, but I'd like to ask if you ever measured the divergence on this with the projector lens? Thanks.
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    I'm back....

    I'll second that holy crap! I remember maybe one or two posts from you when I first joined. I definitely enjoyed your YouTube videos of your monster lasers in action. Welcome back indeed! :beer:
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    ARCTIC HOST feeler! interested? READ

    I don't think the recent visitors box refreshes every day, I think it's just the last ten in general. :thinking:
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    Spyder 3 Krapton - 1W of green power from WL

    Re: Wicked lasers Krypton S3 532nm He is saying that the green diodes that are to be released soon are 515nm, not that these greens are 515nm.
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    What lights do you have?

    Those are only about 35W if memory serves. They'd have a higher lux rating/reading and better throw simply due to their larger reflector. One thing to keep in mind is those are powered by SLA, if memory serves, so they're a lot heavier. They're good lights, I believe 2007Revolution has one...
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    Targeting Lasers for Nerf Guns

    If you're going red, I'd look for a 5mW 635nm pen/module. They're much brighter than the normal red pens.
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    What lights do you have?

    RHD, go with a 50W HID from eBay, like this one: 50W HID Xenon Torch Flashlight 6600mAh Spotlight SSK-12 | eBay
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    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    Antique cigar cutter?
  20. Prototype

    2 Cree XM-L flashlights 800-950 Lumens $60 each + shipping

    If it's case positive, the + end of the battery is towards the tailcap. My Microfire aspheric is case positive.