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  1. nmbusa

    Super X-Drive(SXD-V3) repair

    Hi ya fellas For anyone like me mistakenly feeding reverse polarity to their x-drive and frying main ic. If you have a hot air rework station give it a go. set pot at around 1.4 KOhms outputing a nice 4.7Amps just have to dig up a 2k and 4.7k res to parallel worked for me like a charm. cheers
  2. nmbusa

    nubm44 handheld builds 4sale

    Hi ya all selling 3 of my recent 44 ~7W builds here any questions just ask c8 $150+shipping c6 $140+shipping cheers
  3. nmbusa

    1st nubm44 build of 7

    hello to ya all,after many years away from the laser hobby playing around with zvs drivers(induction heating and HV) and flashlight builds thought I go at it again. A friend gave me his box that plays pictures on walls and I took it apart for its 7 nubm44 just finished my 1st build of 7. and a...
  4. nmbusa

    another high power dummy-load

    Hi thought I make a comeback after a couple of years absence from lasers from the time tearing down cdr/dvdr to extract diodes. made a high power dummy-load for NUBM44 handheld project used mur1560 15A diodes I had lying around and 2 Caddock Surface Mount Power resistors 0.2ohm 25W in parallel...
  5. nmbusa

    6X GGW-H20L at 300ma

    hi there just finished the day with another blu,made my rkcstr driver and dialed at 300ma anyone know the output in mw as I dont have laser meter yet.
  6. nmbusa

    newbie laser stash

    Hi there. since I just startered with lasers and very fascinated,after doing my homework on the site so to not ask questions and all, since the search button has all answers thought I show my latests projects. what do ya think of my stash?
  7. nmbusa

    2AA maglite with driver

    Hi there. just finished my maglite with a amc7135 350ma  driver.