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  1. mbcolangelo

    Laserbtb PL445 2W For Sale

    Laserbtb model PL-445 for sale. $150 (buyer pays shipping) 2 watt 445nm. Includes carrying case. charger, and tripod. Barely used and works great! I had originally ordered this item a few months ago from laserbtb. First shipment was confiscated and by the time I finally received this model I...
  2. mbcolangelo

    Can police confiscate my laser? Yes!

    Just thought I'd share this. Good to know especially if police in your area regularly abuse their power. "Civil Asset Forfeiture" enables police in the US to basically confiscate whatever they want even if you did nothing wrong. Getting stuff back isn't exactly easy either. Couple good...
  3. mbcolangelo

    DTR - Awesome!!

    Just want to say thanks to DTR for such great service! Shipping was insane fast. Ordered late Friday night and it was in my mailbox Monday morning - Standard Shipping!! I ordered the 445nm 9mm Diode In 22mm Module W/2.4A X-Drive & 405-G-2 Glass Lens. (510 threaded version) Works great...
  4. mbcolangelo

    Question about focusing lenses?

    So after having my laserbtb order seized by customs today I've decided the DIY route might be best :) Gonna start out real simple. I'm looking at getting one of these 510 threaded modules from DTR. Which is perfect for the mech mods I already having laying around. My question is, do I still...
  5. mbcolangelo

    Safety glasses from Airgas

    I didn't see them mentioned anywhere in the forum. Airgas has laser safety glasses as well. Not the best prices or selection. But if you're in a hurry and need glasses ASAP they're nationwide and you might have one nearby (US). Better safe then blind :)
  6. mbcolangelo

    Hello from WI

    Hello! I've been stalking the forums for quite a while and finally decided it was time to join! I live in Northeast WI. I'm 31, a Software Developer and System Administrator (Linux). My biggest hobbies include, reef-keeping, electronics tinkering/building, and RPG gaming (currently hooked on...
  7. mbcolangelo

    PL445 Battery Compatibility

    EDIT: FWIW to anyone searching for compatibility, hope this helps: - Although I can't verify this by physical examination. All the info obtained confirms that this unit uses the following batteries: -- 16340*2 -- 18350*2 -- 18650*2 - You need to request the extension tube at time of purchase...