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  1. marcuspeh

    WTS: WF501B host (clearance)

    Alright. I will update it with a price
  2. marcuspeh

    WTS: WF501B host (clearance)

    Not sure why but only one photo is up. here's the link to the other photo Cheers
  3. marcuspeh

    WTS: WF501B host (clearance)

    SOLD Contain one WF501b host (polished) + heatsink from Eudaimonium + 16.8mm contact board + G9 lense Selling one kit that was stash away in a corner of my drawer. Comes with a G9 Glass Focusing Lense. This lens work very well with lasers of Blue wavelengths (e.g. - 405nm, 445nm, 450nm...
  4. marcuspeh

    New to the hobby

    Welcome to lpf. Without the specs, you wont know what driver to use. And a word of caution, use certified laser goggles if you are using a laser strong enough to burn. Your eyes will thank you for that
  5. marcuspeh

    New Member

    Welcome to lpf
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    Welcome to lpf
  7. marcuspeh

    808nm 1 Watt Infrared Hand Held Laser Build

    Remember to wear certified safety goggles when operating that infared laser. Nice build btw. +Rep
  8. marcuspeh

    Hey all!

    Hi! Welcome to lpf:)
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    Welcome to lpf
  10. marcuspeh

    GearBest Give Away

    Thanks for the giveaway 1) #2 seems the best deal to me 2) i choose #5
  11. marcuspeh

    Hello from Alabama.

    Welcome to lpf
  12. marcuspeh

    Greetings !! (^_^)

    Welcome to lpf
  13. marcuspeh

    Question about Wicked lasers

    Just my one cent, dont buy from wicked lasers. Their shipping will take forever. If you are lucky, you will get the laser in 6 months. Not to mention that their lasers are overpriced. Getting the laser other sites like the one hap suggested will be cheaper and in better quality
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    Re: Newcomer Welcome to lpf :)
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    Welcome back
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    Welcome to lpf
  17. marcuspeh

    Yet another noob

    Welcome to lpf. Remember to wear safety goggles whenever you are using your laser. Have fun and stay safe :)
  18. marcuspeh

    Condolences for member ONVI

    I'm so sorry to hear this OVNI, my condolences to you and your family. Take care. -Marcus