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  1. eugene420

    Post your random pics!

    Mt. Rainier National Park... Active (not much) volcano just outside Seattle,WA
  2. eugene420

    What is and what isn't safe?

    Welcome to the LPF. I live in Tampa too, if you ever see a big green dot in the sky it might be me :wave: When I use my lasers inside I try to point it at something dark, and not just at the wall. Makes the dot less visible and the beam seem brighter. I personally only use goggles when burning...
  3. eugene420

    Post -view from your window- (PICTURE THREAD)

    My back porch in Tampa, Florida..
  4. eugene420

    Sorry about the delay in my response but I am down to answer any questions and or LPM any lasers...

    Sorry about the delay in my response but I am down to answer any questions and or LPM any lasers you might have.. PM me and we can chat more.
  5. eugene420

    What music does LPF listen to?

    Do jam bands fall under Rock? I voted rock and dubstep/techcno/rave......
  6. eugene420

    Yeah I think we can work something out on Tuesday..

    Yeah I think we can work something out on Tuesday..
  7. eugene420

    UPDATED group buy on CNI Lasers ENDED !

    Re: UPDATED group buy on CNI Lasers ENDS TOMORROW! Wow what a steal of a deal on these 80mW 589nm PGL-C!!! Looks like i jumped the gun when buying mine last year.. I paid over twice as much for my unit :cryyy: You guys are pretty lucky! and I am super jealous :banghead:
  8. eugene420

    New product from wicked Lasers?

    I am picking up a 10x beam expander and their new 4 lens caps extensions for the Krypton.. I will post some what of a review once it arrives ;)
  9. eugene420

    your opinion

    Well said Eudaimonium, I totally agree :beer: I do believe every laser enthusiast should own a pair of decent goggles, it's just common sense and the responsible thing to do.. But like you said "Pointing around the room kinda loses purpose when you're unable to actually see the laser."...
  10. eugene420

    your opinion

    I know some members might be mad about this but, If you know how to use lasers responsibly goggles are not totally necessary.. 50mW is pretty low unless you plan on burning things up close, you will be OK. I only use goggles when I am testing my lasers on a LPM or burning (which is rare).
  11. eugene420

    Any gamers out there?

    Your not the only one.. And I'm in Florida too X-box 360 xxxhippieflipxx COD Black Opps 2- multiplayer online mostly, halo 4, Skate 3, NHL 12' (not online) and many RPG games (open to others, always lookin for new games to try) EST mostly on 10PM-2Am sometimes during the day depending on my...
  12. eugene420

    Review and Impressions of GLP-594

    Nice review there :beer: Do you know what it's out putting? That model looks a lot like my Rigel I bought from Laserglow, pretty sure CNI makes it.. Anyways nice purchase, and keep collecting those exotic wavelengths!
  13. eugene420

    Greetings from Florida

    I'm on the other side of the Airport from you, over in Westchase ( kinda by Oldsmar) I shine my lasers the opposite way, away for the airport...
  14. eugene420

    Greetings from Florida

    I'm also in the Tampa area sounds like there is a few of us Flordians on LPF
  15. eugene420

    pics 2013 #11

    Nice job once again... You really got your camera set perfect for beam shots :bowdown:
  16. eugene420

    White Fusion Time Machine's are coming

    What's up Jeff, don't know if you see this thread, maybe I'll PM you if you don't. I really hope I'm not :horse: but are you thinking about making any more WFTMs any time this year? I'd love to get my hands on one before my wedding in Aug 24th in Portland, Or.... PM me if you wanna talk more...
  17. eugene420

    pics 2013 #7

    Nice job once again :thanks: Keep em' coming
  18. eugene420

    pics in the fog

    Man sweet pics! I can't believe how bright your 589nm and 593.5nm look :beer: Nice job once again..
  19. eugene420

    pics 2013 #3

    Nice yeah that's what I was talking about, maybe next time around you could try using the prism and or just the mirrors to try to get the beams to stay aligned for a longer distance? Just kind of throwing ideas out there. Seems that the binoculars kinda act like a beam expander, making the...
  20. eugene420

    pics 2013 #3

    I was thinking, hopes its not very confusing but.. What happens when you shine two different colored lasers at the same spot at different angles in order to combine the colors on the other side to make a new color? Might look cool