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    Eye damage in Egypt?

    Lots of greens being sprayed all over in the massive crowds! See an occasional blue. Many obviously being aimed at cameras because of the flash/aiming. I don't see how some people aren't getting blasted in the face.
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    Free yeti fur!

    800 x 600 4m reduced
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    Any good parts in a plasma tv?

    I have a 50" Hitachi plasma that just crapped out. Made a little "pop" noise and stopped working. It's a few years old and I don't want to mess with it so its going to the dumps. (recycler). I'm going to pull off the back just to check it out. Any good parts inside these things worth keeping?
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    Browser hijacker - redirect "virus"

    This is a "virus" that if you go to Google and search and click on a link you are redirected to another site. Over and over. I have been getting this regularly for the last few months. If you catch it quick you can get rid of it using system restore to an earlier time. The main computer I use...
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    What happened to my green dot?

    Just changed a battery in a 100mw green. I turned it on and the dot looked a little weird. Kind of oblong. I then shined it farther away and I have two dots. Beam still looks the same. Pic is at about 50 feet. It is noticable at a few feet but spreads out at distance.
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    ir filter for green modules

    OK I know this has been mentioned a zillion times and I have read and searched and looked at several sites for ir filters. I have a few modules I would like to put filters on. The standard answer is "get an ir filter and glue it to the end of the module". I'm having trouble finding them. (small...
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    Practicing photo uploads - nothing to see

    800 600 desk top b4 delete
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    Different lenses for green modules ?

    I have a few greens. A couple of store bought and a few builds. All 200mw. Just got another one today. (From laserland on ebay) been happy with their stuff. Decent price. Fast shipping. This one super bright and hits 214 on the meter. Any way, this one in particular looks good but has a much...
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    Is there a trick to the long range "burning red laser"?

    I just got two 250mw "burning red laser" units from Lazerer. (these are no longer on their site, only up to 200). There is a video showing them lite a match at 139", 11 1/2 ft. 200mW 650nm Burning Red Laser Module w/ Battery Case Any way, the best I can do is pop a balloon at about 8 ft and...
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    One tough fly with good eye balls

    I'm in the kitchen and there is this fly buzzing around annoying the crap out of me. I always thought about doing this so I figure I am going to laser him. I grab a 200mw green. He is sitting on the window sill and I give him about a 5 second shot from about 4 feet. He just sits there. Then he...
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    Is there a way to check for polarity protection on modules?

    On MANY occasions I have inserted the battery the wrong way. (standard red & green modules) Nothing happens. Flip it around and it goes on. No Problem. I assumed they all pretty much did this. In the last two days I have destroyed three modules. ( 2 green, 1 red) putting them in new hosts...
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    Any one know how to trouble shoot green modules?

    I have two. (from different places) one 50mw & 200mw. Both are new and were working fine. Tested with battery. They are a couple weeks old. Finally had a host ready to put one in and it doesn't work. No light. Board does get hot. Hook to battery only don't work. What really pissed me off I went...
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    Tail cap clicker switch source

    I am starting to accumulate a number of hosts with the standard on/off key switch. I want to replace some with a on/off push button. I have been looking around but can't find a specific replacement for them. For example an ultrafire 501/502 switch will fit the laser hosts but they are like $7.99...
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    Defective laser dilema

    Have a brand new defective laser. (If you are interested the details are in a thread "problem with new laser") I have two options I can think of. Would like to see if any one has any other ideas. It is a 200mw green focusable from Lazerer. (model LZBH532-200) Cost $119. I contacted them and they...
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    Problem with new laser

    Fairly new to this but having a good time. I have 5 or 6 working lasers and a couple of builds in progress. But having to deal with "china" is getting to be a pain. Very time consuming. And gets very expensive if you want quick shipping. Just though I would mention this to see if anyone may know...
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    Questions about 638nm

    Just got a 300mw 638. (With power cert showing 290mw and I measure 275 so its putting out close). Just wanted something reddish, inexpensive with some power. Adding to the collection. Any way, it is focusable but will not focus to a "dot". I get a bar/rectangle. About 1" at 10 feet. VERY bright...
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    On/Off switch connection methods

    I've done a couple of simple builds and the driver boards have springs attached for electrical connection. Tail cap has spring. Just pop in a battery and you are done. Doesn't get any easier. I am now trying some modules with wires coming off the board, no spring. This doesn't sound all that...
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    Whats up with O-like???

    Been trying to place orders. I can not log in and order on their web site. I registered with 3 different email address on 2 different computers at 2 locations so it is not my problem. (over several days) I have been emailing back and forth but can't figure out whats wrong. I finally placed an...
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    Can't find a tutorial

    There is a great tutorial on here for building a laser. It covers everything from mounting the diode, soldering a driver, etc,etc. I saw it a couple of times but never bookmarked it because I thought I could get it any time. I can't find it! I have searched all the tutorial sections a few...
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    Brass heat sinks

    I'm going to be machining some heat sinks and was going to use aluminum. It appears copper is preferable to Aluminum. How does brass compare to copper? I can get tons of brass pieces to use and it is easier to machine than copper. Would it be better than aluminum?