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  1. windstrings

    What's this?

    Anyone know what's up with these printers? https://bettersnatch.com/products/laser-printer-engraver#looxReviews
  2. windstrings

    4400 Watt laser cutting titanium

    Eat your heart out! http://www.cut2sizemetals.com/blog/2011/01/31/laser-cut-titanium/?utm_source=MadMimi&utm_medium=email&utm_content=What%27s+New+from+The+Cut2Size+Angle&utm_campaign=RSS+Feed+for+http%3A%2F%2Fwww_cut2sizemetals_com%2Fblog%2Ffeed&utm_term=Video_3A+Laser+Cutting+Titanium...
  3. windstrings

    ***Sold!***Selling my Herc 300mw! - Price lowered!

    Sold!.... thanks to everyone for their consideration... the person who bought it got an awesome deal! Included: 1. Hercules Laser 300mw with Certified papers from laserglow, tested to peak at 426mw and maintain at 325ish for prolonged periods. Playing around at Senkats I got it to peak at...
  4. windstrings

    WL is officially in my spam filter

    I've been banned for months, but they still keep sending me their silly propaganda, newsletters, give-ways and promotions despite my emailing them several times. They tell me everything from "I'm not banned" to not even responding at all. What incompetence!... oh well.. just a little venting. I...
  5. windstrings

    Don't miss this one if your into Laserglow!

    From their newsletter:
  6. windstrings

    anyone reviews Senkats laser?

    He was nice enough to send me one of his latest creations.... a Red laser made by himself with a focus ring on front. The Focus ring is way cooler than I thought it would be..... This is a pen style thats chrome with a on off button. At first, I thought it was broke as it would flicker or not...
  7. windstrings

    My Herc Stole the show

    After getting called into work yesterday Eve "July 4th", I barely got back in time to meet my family as they sat about a mile away watching the fireworks go off. I got there about 3/4 way through the big event and I sat down in an lawn chair my wife had brought. I pulled out my Herc and...
  8. windstrings

    Have you ever tried this with your Herc?

    LOL!.. this is something juicy I can't post on WL for obvious reasons nor on CPF since its an outside shot. I suppose any high powered laser would work.. but my son went fishing last night in the marina and was about 3 miles away and my dads house was another 1/2 mile past that. I called them...
  9. windstrings

    I've been banned too!

    I rarely post on thier forum as I know they only support WL products... even though they recently changed thier name so they don't appear to be a Wicked Laser storefront. They must be extremely jealous and threatened by Laserglow products. Wow!...... I simply put my post about "New Hercules...
  10. windstrings

    New Hercules goodies!

    This is part of the goodies sooncoming for the Herc. Below is the AC wall adapter so you can run your Herc as long as you like without worrying about batteires...... 29.00 and also the Case which they are not including free with the purchase of a Herc.... all you do is contact them to pay for...
  11. windstrings

    What Laser Should I get???

    I agree.... it just fits my personality to get what I want and be done with it... I hate to have anything laying around I'm not gonna use... I suggest not to buy a laser so weak that you "know" you will be  upgradeing anyway. Why waste your money if your going to outgrow it in 2 weeks? If...
  12. windstrings

    Discount on Laserglow units till Feb 16th!

    5-15% discount on any handheld laser purchase! Discount varies by model and this offer expires on Febuary 16th, Here is a copy of thier newsletter!: Phone: 1.416.729.7976 Email: sales@laserglow.com LASERGLOW NEWSLETTER- EDITION #2.0- FEBRUARY, 2007 Dear Fellow Laserist: In an...
  13. windstrings

    A plug for the Dragon case

    I believe in giving honor to whom honor is due.... I had a friend "Senkat" buy some of these and just sent me one of these dragon cases for free because he was so impressed, he said I had to have one. I truly am impressed... I thought it would be a funky fit that either rattled or rubbed off...
  14. windstrings

    Support for 3gp video?

    I have made several movies and I can only provide links because the forum does not support 3gp and allow my to upload in that format. Its no biggy to me.... its just that other folks cannot download them if they want. I used quicktime to convert avi to 3gp. I can take a 55meg file and take it...
  15. windstrings

    The Dragon 125mw.... my review

    Quite simple.. my expectations are overwhelmed!!!!! If I would have had this one first.. I doubt I would have craved more power to burn etc and bought the big boy Herc.... this little thing is "amazing!". BTW.. mine did come with the sticker.. however without too much comment.. it is quite...
  16. windstrings

    130mw Penlaser & 300mw Hercules pics/video

    First a comparison between the two.. these were taken with no fog, smoke or other aids.. taken during the day with light coming in the windows, but lights are off and flash on camera is off handheld.
  17. windstrings

    First impression of the laserglow Herc/ pics&video

    This is one of the new ones not yet posted on thier site "the 2.5W diode" unit and this laser is rated at 300mw, but with the extra battery power and large diode, it manages a peak that stays over 400mw for a full 5 minutes and then finally settles to a sustained 321mw for as long as you have it...
  18. windstrings

    Why I think Laserglow is the best bargain!

    After intense study and research, this is my conclusion... although I don't have the history or knowledge of many in the laser field, I have been quite impressed with laserglow after studying the alternatives. Laserglow is very generous with thier power ratings. The absolute most, the best I...
  19. windstrings

    Laserglow releasing new Hercs!

    Its not posted yet, but I've been in close communication lately with laserglow as I have just purchased another new toy... this time Its a herc! The new ones have a 2.5W diode and the usual runtimes of 6 hours, and they seem to have many "very" hot ones!.... if you have been waiting to go above...
  20. windstrings

    Got my 175mw laserglow Aries

    It is indeed nice not to struggle with burning things now!... No pain no strain!!!! I can light a match just by passing it though its beam.. it appears at least twice.... maybe 3 times brighter than my 135mw pen laser. The red drinking glass that would only punch holes with my pen laser, the...