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    Powerful Crown upgrade 500mW green laser PROBLEM

    Agreed. The AW IC is also more than capable of producing the necessary ampage :D
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    What is your internet connection speed?

    Virgin Media's 60Mb
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    Sorry, another lazerer battery charger question

    Ahhh, I forgot those cheap 'orrible chargers turned green 'slowly'. If its at the point where it looks like its going green there will be a decent enough chartge in the battery (i'm guessin' over 4v if the charger is working ok) What you need is a multimeter and you could find out for sure ;)
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    Help! What do I need in the UK to use lazerer charger?

    I'd charge the battery now if it was me. The red light will turn green on the charger when its ready. Ultrafire WF 139 is a decent 18650 charger available in the UK - costs about the same as one of those AW batteries you mentioned - which ARE excellant btw.;)
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    Help! What do I need in the UK to use lazerer charger?

    'evenin' Chris. Something like this will do the job : Euro to UK mains Adapter but to be honest you wanna throw that charger away and buy a decent one ;)
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    The MagicSticks Custom Hosts - PICS & INFO

    Re: MagicStick - The new 2012 custom host Beautiful :D
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    Bad Guidesman Heat Sink fom CajunLasers Store Normal??

    Re: Bad Heat Sink fom CajunLasers Store Normal?? I wouldn't worry too much. NO it's not normal but Clif is a great seller and will go out of his way to put this right.
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    DTR speed of shipping

    Yep, credit where its due, Jordan doesn't hang around getting those little bubble wrapped bundles shipped out. I've placed several orders and received a shipping number within the hour (package usually arrives 5 workin' days later to UK)- fantastic service :D
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    Battery/Charger recommendations UK

    Lighthound (dot com) gets mentioned/recommended a lot round these parts. Their prices are a damn site better than any UK sites (approx 65-70% of UK best price) but if I read it right, you're looking at $15 shipping for packages weighing under 1lb. So, buy 2 or more batteries and that pays for...
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    Battery/Charger recommendations UK

    I can't comment on Eagletec, but having bought a few batteries from Flashaholics myself, they are probably the best site to buy from in the UK. (cheapest and quickest). There's also 'cloud 9 vaping'. Of course, if you don't mind a little wait, that Larry fella sells some decent batts and...
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    woman pleasures - traffic stops

    Ok, so where's the video? :D
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    What is your internet connection speed?

    Lol, I didn't have a clue what you're talking about but I'm just watching a vid on you-tube about it. Jees, you're going back a bit (80's?), you win....lol
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    Spot the 8 differences !

    Haha, very good ;)
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    What is your internet connection speed?

    My download is 60Mbs, upload 3Mbs - Virgin media. I can't do the speedtest.net pic because although you guys rate that site, it doesn't give accurate download results for me. 'Actual' downloading rate is 8.2Mbs. (approx 1680 x faster than my first ever internet connection :D )
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    LPC-826 build

    Congrats on finishing the build Daawood, now the messages make sense :D
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    o like lasers

    Customs - not a problem. Shipping time - Use DHL and you'll get it within 5 days probably (after 'processing'), but the batteries and charger will be shipped seperately and that will take a week longer maybe. EMS - everything shipped together. btw - their packaging sucks. email susie and tell...
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    Stainless Steel Battery Extension Tubes Now Available from Survival Laser!

    A bit of very forceful working back and forth with grease applied just about did the trick for the one with the smaller gap, but not for the other. The dremel and a bit of careful sanding sorted that one out. I've left a tiny little gap still but I'm going to throw a G.I.T.D o-ring in there :D
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    Stainless Steel Battery Extension Tubes Now Available from Survival Laser!

    I had a nice surprise today when my 2 extension tubes arrived - I'd temporarily forgotten I'd ordered them :D Gary, there is a small problem with these extensions. I have 2 of your stainless hosts and on one of them neither extension will screw into the clicky end all the way so its flush. With...
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    Battery sizes

    The tyre's wouldn't fit ;)
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    Battery sizes

    I long for the day :D