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  1. VidalWolf

    ILT Argon laser for sale.

    Hello. I am finally heading out of the lasershow biz and will be selling all my gear. The first item is an ILT 5500 doing 600 milliwatts. 7 lines. I can only ship to continental US addresses only. Shipping costs are the buyers responsability. Thanks. -Nate.
  2. VidalWolf

    Rest in peace Charles Townes

    The father of the laser passed away earlier today in Berkeley, California. He was 99. Light a laser for a few minutes in memory him.
  3. VidalWolf

    Got yet another whitelight ion... =)

    I bought a fairly average Coherent Innova 70 argon system thats been repumped into a mixed gas Ar/Kr. Supposedly it does 2.5 watts and works. I will have to wait to find out tho. Still, another whitelight ion laser. =) . Cant beat that with a bat.
  4. VidalWolf

    Got a new ion laser

    I recently got a really neat laser. its a Laser Physics 300WC Ar/Kr whitelight laser. Its pretty awesome to have one of these babies. 12 colors all in one beam. Heres a link to a video I shot of it running...
  5. VidalWolf

    My first post here. I got a couple new blue lasers...

    This weekend I picked up a couple Coherent Taipan OPSL systems. ones 2.5 watts at 460 nm and the others about 3 watts at 480 nm. Awesome colors and they go very well with my SP Millenia green.