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  1. Kaiden57

    Anyone know where I can buy this lens and cap?

    The tail cap got cross threaded so I planned to dremel the threads to clean them up (all I got) and the lens is a cheap acrylic lens on a ~1W laser so it started to melt. It was my first high powered laser and I thought I might try cleaning it up and gifting it to a close friend over the holidays.
  2. Kaiden57

    Brightness comparison between Sanwu 5W 470nm and 7W 445nm?

    I have a 7W sanwu silver that is just amazing but I've also ordered a 4W 470 laser ranger so I can get longer runtime without sacrificing much power. 7W is alot of power and very mesmerizing but the short run time is its major downfall
  3. Kaiden57

    Anyone know where I can buy this lens and cap?

    Well on another note does anybody know where to find a new tail cap and lens for an ebay style gatling laser? I'm under the impression I'll have to get measurements though since I dont think they are all uniformly made.
  4. Kaiden57

    Custom 1.2W Sanwu Challenger 525nm

    Far as I know most if not all 532's are pump diodes and the higher power ones are pretty pricey too. I think 525nm and 532nm are very close to the same shade of green just looking side by side. You can usually find lower power 532's all over the place but higher rated ones usually require a but...
  5. Kaiden57

    Custom 1.2W Sanwu Challenger 525nm

    You would be correct they offer the higher power 520nm challenger but not the 525nm. I wanted a direct diode closest to a 532 from a good quality company like sanwu and the closest diode they use is 525nm.
  6. Kaiden57

    Custom 1.2W Sanwu Challenger 525nm

    Hello fellow enthusiasts I have a custom sanwu build from sanwu I would like to part with. I asked podo if he could stuff a 1.2W 525nm into a challenger host and he definitely delivered however I forgot to tell him I wanted the smooth style host. I still like the laser and its maybe a month old...
  7. Kaiden57

    What's wrong with Sanwu?

    Good info in this thread but how long until a thread is 'too old'? Just curious for future reference on my part. I've refrained from posting much because I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short 😅
  8. Kaiden57

    Sanwu 7W silver

    Not sure the lens I never specified so it's the stock lens they are shipping, either 3E or G7 are what I've been seeing. As far as the laser goes it's just the 1.4w 405 challenger model. No print around the diode window. I haven't asked podo but I'm sure he would know.
  9. Kaiden57

    Sanwu 7W silver

    I just got my new Sanwu challenger 1.4W 405nm in today and I really believe it burns just as well if not even better than my 7W silver 😁. 405nm is definitely the way to go for burn efficiency.
  10. Kaiden57

    Whitch is brighter, 7W 450nm, or 1W 520nm

    I have a sanwu silver 7W 445nm and a sanwu pocket 150mw 525nm and honestly the 525 isn't brighter but it's still very very visible side by side and that's a major difference in power. Like everyone else has said the green or 520nm will be much brighter Watt for Watt.
  11. Kaiden57

    Sanwu 7W silver

    That's a shame, something must have happened during shipping I would guess because mine burns literally everything. I'm sure sanwu will get back to you they have excellent customer service usually. They get busy sometimes so have faith all is not lost. You can contact them by email at...
  12. Kaiden57

    Hello from Hampshire, England!

    I agree with the above but since I have a 492 I would say go for the 488 for a more blue laser. The 492 is a kind of aqua/watered down green whereas I believe the 488 is *almost* exclusively* blue if you compare the 2 side by side. Thay being said I'm still very happy with my 492 and can only...
  13. Kaiden57

    Sanwu 7W silver

    Ok so this is my first ever review and I I dont have all the exact specs for this laser sp it will be more of a consumer review instead of a builder's review, so here goes! Sanwu silver 7 watt 445nm laser Shipping- ~3weeks from order Packing- if you haven't ordered from sanwu then its packed...
  14. Kaiden57

    Hello from Southern California!

    Welcome to the forum alpacalicker, hope you enjoy your time here. If the laser bug really gets ahold of you make sure to get accessories to go with your handhelds 😁 (After the proper eyewear first of course) Just got myself a cheapie tripod today and boy are they handy!
  15. Kaiden57

    Customs & my address

    I've read around about that, will definitely have to start keeping that in mind when purchasing. I've heard AUS is a real b!7^# on lasers and the like. Probably alot of DIY there.
  16. Kaiden57

    Hello from Southern Illinois

    That's about what I figured but I just had a burning desire to know if more than flashblindness was possible from something of that nature. Also I dont plan on taking any high power lasers to any kind of party 😅 unless maybe outside but even then, loaded gun and all. Moth to moth 🤣 I'm dying...
  17. Kaiden57

    Customs & my address

    Well I feel more comfortable ordering after reading that, that's for sure. I'll have to start watching what gets put on the package label.
  18. Kaiden57

    Customs & my address

    I guess I should have mentioned I'm in the US. I was just unsure if that kind of thing happened to a lot of people so I wanted to get an idea of what could happen. As far as lab lasers go I believe I will be sticking to collecting handhelds for the time being. I appreciate your input and any...
  19. Kaiden57

    Customs & my address

    So this seems the most appropriate place for this thread so here goes. I've looked around a little but I'm not sure how to phrase my search when looking so here it is. I'm not familiar with importing and customs laws and all that goes with it, so I begin to wonder: If I'm ordering lasers from...
  20. Kaiden57

    So far my favorite is the pocket series for the size, I can take it anywhere! I also have a 7W...

    So far my favorite is the pocket series for the size, I can take it anywhere! I also have a 7W silver and boy let me tell you the power it puts out is simply awesome. Spent 1k in a week alone ouch WORTH EVERY PENNY! How is that sweet RGB host? I'm green with envy.