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    2 newer builds using less common batteries

    This build has the largest heatsink in my collection made by Rich. Its an aluminum shell with a copper core. The focus ring has been threaded for a Sanwu beam expander. The diode in this host is a NUBM07 with the stock can intact. Its powered by the Blackbuck 8 amp driver, 2 26350 batteries, and...
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    [Resolved]Blackbuck 8a v2 issues

    I have gone through 3 of these v2 drivers in a row. Anyone else having issues with the new version? First one I was getting nothing on the output. Second one let out the smoke and the third one no output. These are supposed to be set at around 1.7A default. No issues setting these up when I had...
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    2000 mAh 26350 2C continuous

    Not my pic https://m.fasttech.com/p/5363800 Ordered these a few weeks ago and had a go with them. The height measures right at 35mm. They seem like a good alternative to 18350's and the sleeve. Maybe a custom blue or green PL E Pro in the shorter host? Single cell style MX900? Just thought I...
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    Flexdrive NUGM01T build

    This is a rebuild using some parts I've reconfigured. I set the flex drive to it's highest output and linked it to the pill with a chunk of copper between. Using a 2 element lens. JST connectors to reduce the amount of times I am soldering on the driver. 26650 cell. Heatsink made by Lifetime17...
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    First purchase from LPS 532's

    I picked up some budget lasers from our newest site advertising Laser Pointer Store. This will be quick with pics. Thor H 200mw 532nm laser Pen LPM graphs. I'm pretty happy with my purchase after contacting the company. I've come to expect issues like this with 532 pointers of this...
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    Sanwu Spiker disassembly

    I want to know how the copper module should be removed from the spiker. I don't want to twist and tangle wires or rip diode pins off. Does the contact board have to come off to desolder or is there something more clever happening in there?
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    Forum changes

    I had a display mode setup that reduced the amount and size of the garbage deadline ads and yesterday it has somehow been reset. I do not see the option panel for this setting either. Could an admin please explain what's going on or tell me what I screwed up. I can't stand the forum as is with...
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    Some recent buys and builds

    Left to right Spartan 589nm 50mw Lifetime17 mini Cree host PLT5 450B PL520B PLT5 450B A type M140 Husky pen mod NDG4612 Defiant pen mod GGW 650nm Aspire CF Mod...
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    Lifetime17 host Blackbuck 8a/NUGM01T GBALL

    Finally got this put together. I received the potentiometers from USPS todaybSunday could believe it. I got lucky and everything fit nicely. Side clicky 2 18650 "LOTUS" flashlight. Heatsink cut to fit by Lifetime17 and pill wired up. Blackbuck 8a driver 1 turn 10k pot. NUGM01T in a shorty...
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    Quick build mini Cree A type m140/flexdrive 1.4a/1.5w g2

    This is a host kit by Lifetime17. Nice little host. Heatsink dictates the duty cycle at about 1 minute. I don't mind my m140's getting warm or a little hot they are tough. Its nice to see so much beam from such a small host. Nothing complicated with the wiring and fits a full sized module with...
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    Lifetime17 host Blackbuck/NUBM06 Stock lens/3x BE

    This is a Lifetime17 plug and play kit. I spoke with him on the phone and he seems like a great guy. I could tell he takes pride in his work and it means a lot to him to see his customers satisfied. And now when I read his posts I hear his voice haha. So on to the goods. Your standard 2 cell...
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    4 16000mah 6s lipos

    I recieved 4 of these monster sized lipos from work. They were used in an S900 drone that we used for topographic survey mainly scheduled quantity visits. The drone decided to end its life while about 200 feet in the air. Out of the 6 batteries I have the 4 that are in good shape. Less than 10...
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    Sanwu spiker 465nm 4000mw overview

    I bought the spiker a few days ago and recieved it today. It is a very well made host. Perfect threads, no scratches, heavy. It was shipped with a cover lens screwed into the BE threads. I had some issues with the output and removing the outer shipping lense fixed the initial issue I had. I also...
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    Rick Trent 2 element lense for 405/445

    Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/322053190637 What could be expected from this lens? I did a forum search but 2 element didn't come up.
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    XPL 310 plug and play

    I have repurposed this $100 host (310 model 200mw 532nm) from XPL. I spent a few hours tinkering with different approaches. Between the facial gestures and the right combination of cussing at this thing I found my way. First step was to see if the spring connection pot could handle my solder...
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    JL discount?

    Is there one? If not how did you get a discount or freebie? I'm ready to pull the trigger on one. Just want to have my ducks in a row. :D
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    dden4012 collection

    Descriptions are in the pic. Want list: Jetlaser 532nm 1w w/10x BE Something from Sanwu That 488nm unicorn diode Some pics of the heatsinks Electricplasma made for me and my messy builds.
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    PWM modulation

    I experimented with a m140 module with driver in a 22mm heatsink. I hooked it up to a PWM box mod and saw the dimming effect I was looking for when I adjusted the potentiometer. Is this going to harm the diode or driver? I like the idea of this because the driver is setting the max current and...
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    My collection so far

    My new (used) pelican case I got from work. I replaced the foam since it was shaped for GPS equipment. My iKea work station usually a mess. Before I picked up the case. I added the gallium for some reason...The S4X is loaded with a NUBM44. The SS host has a NUBM07E with a Sanwu 3x BE on it...
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    NDG7475 diode window...yeah

    Im considering rolling the dice and removing the window. I have tried to clean it a few times with q tips and 97% alcohol. Im sure something is burned into the window. Any advice on doing this? Toothpick and a solder sucker? Animal sacrifice (jk)?