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  1. Constandinos97

    Can I look at the dot of my 1.2W 532nm without goggles?

    You should still be cautious and wear the goggles when handling lasers of this output power at all times. As you can already tell, there are some highly reflective surfaces out there that even the diffused reflection of the beam can cause temporary/permanent eye damage. And in this case we're...
  2. Constandinos97

    Sanwu G2 lenses

    Sorry for the late reply guys, I've been super busy the last few days :) (I wasn't even at home and conducting a reply through mobile phone is not the most fun process) Thanks for the info and for the comparison pic! It was exactly what I was looking for. I might end up getting the g7 lens as...
  3. Constandinos97

    Sanwu G2 lenses

    Hey everyone! :) I was surfing the web when I found out that Sanwu sells G2 lenses. I was surprised by the fact that they sell them for 10 bucks! This is a lot cheaper than anywhere else I've searched. For example, DTR is selling them for 30 bucks and SurvivalLaser for nearly $45 (both with a...
  4. Constandinos97

    Custom Ehgumus Host/NUBM01T/Ball lens intacked

    Wait, I'm confused. Isn't the diode's name "NUGMO1T" and not "NUBMO1T"? Because I've seen you calling it that way in another post too. Just asking to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings in the future :p By the way, that's a sweet build. I bet it looks insane during the night! The host is of...
  5. Constandinos97

    FS: 1W+ SF501b Sci-Fi 445nm Laser

    Is it still for sale? I'm definitely interested :)
  6. Constandinos97


    *Names it: "Dual reptilian death ray laser sword of ultimate destruction and suffering"* Well, that'll get you some views for sure...
  7. Constandinos97

    LPF's Religion

    That's not the point of the argument. Everyone has the right to believe whatever they want. For example, It's been said that 12 million Americans believe that lizard people run politics (personally, I don't think it's that many, probably not even 500k, but anyway) which is frightening. It's not...
  8. Constandinos97

    Help with building a laser

    Sorry for the late reply guys, I was pretty busy the last couple of days :) Hmm that's a good idea. I'll make another reply when I edit the OP with my questions. That way I can get multiple opinions that will also be verified. I'll hopefully get around to it tomorrow I am pretty familiar with...
  9. Constandinos97

    Help with building a laser

    Hello people. I made this thread because I'm seeking for help regarding building my first laser. I've been reading a lot about lasers lately. I have spent hours on end (even when I should be studying for my exams, but now those are over-I think I did pretty well anyway XD ) trying to figure out...
  10. Constandinos97

    SOLD: Sinner Cypreus-IIb host

    Re: For sale: Sinner Cypreus-IIb host Send that Cypreus host to Cyprus! :crackup: lol I don't really need a host atm, I just HAD to make that joke! :p Good luck with selling it :)
  11. Constandinos97

    450 nm 120 mW Laser F/S

    Re: Hiemal's gotta sell sale Is the 450nm a single-mode diode?
  12. Constandinos97

    Would anyone be interested in making a wiki with me?

    Umm I think Sam's laser FAQ is adequate... But a more simplified version would be best for people that are new to the hobby I suppose It's true that Sam's laser FAQ isn't really user friendly. At least I don't find it that way (I mean it's not really easy to use). Maybe you could focus more on...
  13. Constandinos97

    Bus stop sniper prank video

    Is that a police vehicle at 0:15? :crackup: These people are smart. Edit: One major mistake is the path the laser follows after the "shot" is fired. The recoil of the gun would make the laser move upwards. Instead, it either goes to the side, or stays in place after the "shot". Not really...
  14. Constandinos97

    Laser Shotgun -Our very own Styropyro posted video that made it to Reddits front page

    4.1M now lol XD By the way, the close range lens seems to decrease the output of the laser by a lot. Are you planning on getting a better one soon? It looks like it reflects a lot of light too. (what material is it made from exactly?) One more thing. Is that a military shirt? A friend of mine...
  15. Constandinos97

    OMG Laser Shotgun

    lol So they think...
  16. Constandinos97

    Introducing myself from Tennessee

    Welcome aboard! :beer:
  17. Constandinos97

    Panasonic 3200mAh 18650s - $5

    Maybe they think you guys are underdeveloped as well Mwahahaha :crackup: Nah, I'm just messing with ya lol
  18. Constandinos97

    808nm appears red to me like 650nm, why?

    I stripped apart my 532nm laser (cheap Chinese one, don't worry) and made it an IR burning laser. Honestly, i did not expect 808nm to look that red. It was fairly dimmer than my 650nm pointer, but the dot (actually it was bar-shaped, so not really a dot) was visible across the room (barely, but...
  19. Constandinos97

    Lasers more powerful than exploding stars

    To be honest, I was expecting you to comment, correcting the article XD In my original post I wanted to say that I doubt the possibly of such lasers to exist (especially in 5 years time), but I wasn't entirely sure so I thought I better stay out of it lol And I don't think there's a metric...
  20. Constandinos97

    Lasers more powerful than exploding stars

    So, this popped up in my News feed on Facebook. Sounds quite interesting, so I thought I should share it here :) We Could Have Lasers More Powerful Than Exploding Stars In Just 5 Years | IFLScience