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  1. dfhrace

    Night Rainbow | Global Rainbow New Haven

    hey everyone! remember that laser rainbow that was over berlin a few years back? well New Haven, CT is going to have the same setup for 4 days starting April 24 to celebrate its 375th birthday. So if your in the area come on down and check out this beautiful display! Night Rainbow | Global...
  2. dfhrace

    WTB: 532nm module

    Good day everyone, I am looking to pick up a 532nm module. I need it to be from someone in the US as I am giving a presentation about lasers in a week and a half. It doesnt have to be high powered or anything just something i can throw on a battery because all of my greens are in devices at...
  3. dfhrace

    A quite spirograph?

    So ive built a few spiros in the past and the other day while playing with one that uses the motors from CD/DVD drives my girlfriend says to me this would be so much nicer if it didnt vibrate and make so much noise. I thought to myself whats vibrating? So I mixed up some epoxy and damn near...
  4. dfhrace

    Laser Show In CT In A Planetarium!

    hey everybody my girlfriend and I saw an add for a "laser jam" in a planetarium to the music of pink floyd...needless to say we were sold just from that! Special Events at Discovery so we took a ride over and saw the show which was pretty damn good! He did a nice selection of floyd songs...
  5. dfhrace

    My first laser "show"

    this is my first show Ive tried making. Most of the frames I'm using are the ones that came with pasta but there are a couple I made myself. Let me know what you think!
  6. dfhrace

    445nm Spiro

    I finished my new spiro! I really like using the motors from the CD/DVD drives they work better than i could have hoped for. I can run all 3 off of a 9V for almost an hour of constant playing. The only things i need to do now are figure out how to reduce the vibrations of the motors and fix...
  7. dfhrace

    potentiometer help

    I decided to build a Spirograph for my girlfriend (i got her hooked on lasers!) but i would like to have more control over the speed of the motors. I was doing some research into different pots and came across "multi-turn" pots. I think theses are exactly what I'm looking for. The only issue...
  8. dfhrace

    A random picture

    I love when i just pick up a camera when my girlfriend and I are playing with lasers and the resulting image turns out like this..... :)
  9. dfhrace

    ishow with windows 7

    so i got lucky with the Reke-500RGB deal over on lasersman and i picked up am ishow DAC but i cant seem to get it to work with windows 7 has anybody gotten this DAC to work with win 7?
  10. dfhrace

    Wtb: Usb dac ~$100

    i just ordered this nice little 500mW RGB projector the other day and now i need to find a DAC so i can play :-) im not looking for anything too crazy or expensive as this is my first projector. i just want to try creating some shows. im looking to spend around $100 for this. thanks
  11. dfhrace

    WTB: 150+ mW 532nm module

    hello all i am trying to find a 532nm module to throw into my spiro. im looking for one thats at least 150mW. I know i can go to o-like or some place like that but i dont feel like waiting on the shipping so i figured id see if anyone on here has something laying around they want to get rid...
  12. dfhrace

    Introducing: SkyTagÂ-Green Laser Aircraft Tracker

    heres a nice little gem i found and because of such a fun day i decided to share. ThinkGeek :: SkyTag™ - Green Laser Aircraft Tracker "For The Serious Aircraft Enthusiast Bored using your advanced green laser for traditional spreadsheet pointing techniques? Why not kick up your skills a...
  13. dfhrace

    A quick spirograph

    last night i was watching my little sister shes 5 and she loves my lasers and making different effects with me. so she asked me if there was some way we could make something to control what was being "drawn" on the wall (she meant the dot being shined on the wall) so i went looking around my...
  14. dfhrace

    Laser on planes?

    Im flying down to GA for the weekend soon to see my buddy at school and i want to bring a couple of lasers to show him because like most of my friends hes amazed at these things :D But i was planning on bringing my 1.6 W 445nm and a smaller 100 mW 532nm. Im not checking a bag so i just have a...
  15. dfhrace

    WTB: 150+ mW 532nm module

    hello all, i am looking for a 150 mW or greater 532nm module, from someone hopefully in the US or even better closer to the northeast because time is an issue.... can anybody help me out?
  16. dfhrace

    Nintendo Zapper Laser Gun

    Hey everybody i figured id finally get around to sharing my Nintendo Zapper Laser Gun. (video at the bottom) I started off with one of these rayfoss lasers I bought this because it looked sweet and doubled as a flash light. But you get what you pay for the flash light part broke but the...
  17. dfhrace

    need battery advice

    i got my new greenie in from rayfoss the other day and i LOVE it the only problem i have is it use 3 AAA batteries! is something that will last longer than 3 AAAs? the laser i have is this http://rayfoss.com/productn.asp?ArticleID=76 thanks
  18. dfhrace

    Pen style laser lens

    i just bought a nice little 405nm pen laser from yobresal and its nice but i noticed the dot is very large even when pointed at a wall about 20' away. is there anyway i could get a screw on lens for the end of then pen? Or some other way of focusing the beam
  19. dfhrace

    6pcs LED and 150mW green laser in one body

    im looking to buy my first green laser. i want the beam to be nice and visible. i found this on rayfross www.rayfoss.com i like it because it also doubles as a flash light. do you think its worth it?
  20. dfhrace

    Rayfross 150mw green flashlight combo

    www.rayfoss.com i really like the flashlight combo idea. has anybody ever ordered this? good product worth the price etc? this would be my first green laser and im excited!