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  1. SmurfTacular


    Re: FS: 2.5W 445nm Laser Sabre! :takeit::paypal::sold:
  2. SmurfTacular

    FS: 800mW 405nm (16X BDR-209) in SAIK SA-305 Host! (SOLD!)

    Re: FS: 800mW 405nm (16X BDR-209) in SAIK SA-305 Host! :paypal::sold::beer:
  3. SmurfTacular

    Hello. I purchased a custom laser you made from somebody you sold it too. The EDC 1650 1000mW...

    Hello. I purchased a custom laser you made from somebody you sold it too. The EDC 1650 1000mW 638nm laser. The lens does not focus, even when I twist the lens. As if there is no lens. Can you help me? Thanks.
  4. SmurfTacular

    COCONUTS Uranium Marble Bulk Going out of Business Opportunity SOLD OUT!

    Re: COCONUTS Uranium Marble Bulk Going out of Business Opportunity Let me know if youre willing to sell smaller portions of that lot.
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    LPF History 108 - Oldest Still Active Members High/Low Post Count

    OMG, I cant believe I am seeing my name on that list, I feel famous :D
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    Harvesting a laser diode from a laser printer?

    I guess I should update how my project turned out. Taking the laser module apart, I found lots of front-surface mirrors. I got more use out of the front-surface mirrors than the IR diode itself. Because the reflective material is on the outside, light does not pass through glass and loss...
  7. SmurfTacular

    Lego EV3 -Universal, High Performance, Autonomous Car Platform

    Been a long time sense I posted here, this website is almost nostalgic in a very weird way. I have sense been working with robotics education. Lasers and flashlights where kinda like a gateway drug for technology and engineering. A drug that is rewarding and addicting, but doesnt ruin your...
  8. SmurfTacular

    FS: Single Mode 455nm Pen Build! +others!

    Your 455nm pen is incredibly elegant. I think you found the perfect application of the 455nm diode. Is there any thermal issues in the pen that would require any duty cycles? How does the brightness of 165mW compare to a 50mW green? How safe is this for indoor use?
  9. SmurfTacular

    Any snowboarders at LPF?

    Dont get a Burton Custom board. I just bought one and I has so many scratches and chips on it, it looks like its 3 seasons old. And I've only gone 5-6 times this year... I recommend a Forum board.
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    Post a picture of yourself!

    lol, i know right... only 2 to go more :D...
  11. SmurfTacular

    Alright, Who did it?

    omg, I hate those commercials...
  12. SmurfTacular

    CNI pen greenies HATE cold!!

    I've actually noticed the same thing. I've also noticed that when its cold and not warmed up, the beam tends to (what it looks like) split into 2 separate parallel beams, that are really close to each other. Anyone else notice that?
  13. SmurfTacular

    50mW Waterproof Green Laser from Rayfoss - Detailed Review

    write a review on that, and post pics of underwater beam shots.
  14. SmurfTacular

    DealExtreme Green or Red Laser??

    I believe the ratio is 60:1. 200mW red = 4mW green
  15. SmurfTacular

    LaserBee 120mW Laser Power Sensor

    I lol'd
  16. SmurfTacular

    Viasho 4W 532nm Laser System Review!

    Did you 3D model that yourself?
  17. SmurfTacular

    Short Review: Key Chain Green - Screambuy.com

    LOL, I know right. For sale, a laser pointer.... (and a free yatch, no big deal)
  18. SmurfTacular

    What my local University is working on

    thats a pretty sweet sign DANGER LASER IN USE do not enter knock and wait for instructions class 4 laser project
  19. SmurfTacular

    The LEDShoppe Thread

    I can relate. I bought x5 50mW laser pens from them. 2 @ ~50mW, the other 3 were overspec'd. Also, your right, their shipping number is complete SH*T. It didnt work for me either, nor did my emails. If shipping time is what you dont like, then DX would be a nightmare.
  20. SmurfTacular

    Blizard!!! I can't wait!

    We just got 12-24" in Big Bear (2 hours away from here)