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  1. marcuspeh

    WTS: WF501B host (clearance)

    SOLD Contain one WF501b host (polished) + heatsink from Eudaimonium + 16.8mm contact board + G9 lense Selling one kit that was stash away in a corner of my drawer. Comes with a G9 Glass Focusing Lense. This lens work very well with lasers of Blue wavelengths (e.g. - 405nm, 445nm, 450nm...
  2. marcuspeh

    [Giveaway] 4A testload

    I was talking to my cousin about the spare testloads that i made and he gave me the idea of a giveaway to get rid of it. So, this post is created. I will be ending this giveaway in a week's time, 8 Feb 2016 at 8pm(GMT +8). This way I can get it shipped on Wednesday. This test load has...
  3. marcuspeh

    Happy new year from Singapore

    'This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.' — Taylor Swift Happy new year LPF! Wishing all my friends here a great, prosperous, blissful, healthy, bright, delightful, energetic and extremely happy new year 2016. Fill this brand new 366 days with whatever your heart desires...
  4. marcuspeh

    Laser lock system

    I have been searching through the forums for some microprocessor switch with some safety features and I happen to see Everett's lasr lock system. That system is similar to Wicked Lasers Smart Switch where a code is required to switch the laser on. I was talking to him on BLF about it and he is...
  5. marcuspeh

    Lase beam viewer

    -Mods please delete-
  6. marcuspeh

    Review: JAD kit from Budget Beams

    I want to thank Moh for this awesome JAD kit from his giveaway on Budget Beams facebook page Now here is a review/ build guide of Moh's Blitzbuck WF-501B laser kit. that is available on his website What's in the kit: (all assembled together) 1 Blitzbuck driver (set to 1.7A) 1 Heat sink for...
  7. marcuspeh

    Lathe buying guide

    The following is based on the Taig setup, however you can use it as a reference guide for any company/brand etc. as far as what you need. This is the basics, yes, there is a lot more but it's a starting point since it's a fairly overwhelming thing to figure out on your own...
  8. marcuspeh

    Sold: 2W 445nm laser

    Next up for sale is 445nm laser. The laser has only been switched on for less than a min to take 2 beam shot. The build can be found here. It will be shipped out disassembled aka tail cap packed seperately from the host Host: Purple Wf501b with black heatsink Driver:Blitzbuck set to 1708mA...
  9. marcuspeh

    FS: PRICE DROP 16.8mm contact board

    FS: 16.8mm contact board -all sold Up for sale is 16.8mm contact board. I will no longer be selling it soldered together. Instead, it will be sold as a set in which one set contain 1 contact board and 1 spring. Price: 1 for $0.70 10 for $6 Shipping: $3 (international, tracked) Note: I...
  10. marcuspeh

    Sold: G9 lens in holder

    FS: housed G9 lens Hi everyone! Up for sale is G9 Glass Focusing Lense. This lens work very well with lasers of Blue wavelengths (e.g. - 405nm, 445nm, 450nm, 462nm), and are high quality glass lens (I believe made by Nichia) They are normally set with the Nichia 3 watt 9mm Blue laser diode...
  11. marcuspeh

    Open source but untested 3A slectable test load (correct me if anything is wrong)

    Hi everyone, i have made a 3A selectable test load that uses 1N5624 diode, that has a Vf of around 0.8v. The diodes used in the test load are safely rated up to 3A, but at higher currents (more than 1A) they will get hot. I would advise less than 1 minute cycles for high currents. These test...
  12. marcuspeh

    Help needed!!!

    I just bought a 445nm 500mv laser diode and it housing from ebay. Instead of buying a driver, i am thinking of making one myself. But i have a few questions. What compoments is used in the driver? How much current and voltage should the laser diode be receiving? And how should the driver be...