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  1. Nordhavn

    Navy wants new laser system...

    I would be happy with a laser of sufficient power to create a conductive plasma channel reaching an active cumulonimbus cloud. It would be much easier for triggered lightning tests vs. launching small tethered rockets. And the re-fire rate is so much better. ;)
  2. Nordhavn

    Help finding Long Distance Laser

    If the earth was flat a map would be accurate and you would not need different projections to avoid distortion. They taught this in fifth grade social studies in the day. Along with algebra. ;)
  3. Nordhavn

    Can a 1w 445 nm laser lit a termite

    Use a common sparkler. 1W focused lights it easy. It burns hot, slow, and predictable.
  4. Nordhavn

    Sanwu 7W silver

    Well I just want to make it clear, it's easy to get carried away and IMO, there's lots of novices that really shouldn't be getting class IV devices. Whether its exceeding the duty cycle or not being aware of where the beam is reaching (especially outdoors!) Typically, I treat all of my lasers...
  5. Nordhavn

    Sanwu 7W silver

    My 7W is a fire hazard. Started a fire by not noticing it hitting a brown shopping bag 30' across the room! Saw smoke and flames! Don't even think about pointing this at the little red capsule in a sprinkler head above you. Unless you want to get wet. And likely in big trouble to boot!
  6. Nordhavn

    Looking for a laser for 600yard application.

    What is your budget? Does the laser need to be portable or can it run off mains power? (i.e. 208V three phase AC) Lower divergence means larger beam so you need to rethink how much power. Hint: it's going to be far more than 1W! If you don't have mid grade electro-optical experience including...
  7. Nordhavn

    525nm 1.2W Sanwu Striker Saber doesn't turn on anymore

    Lithium Ion Wholesale is where I get batteries these days. There are too many counterfeit or rewrapped cells. I'm a vaper who uses predominately mechanical devices and battery authenticity is of extreme importance! Never had an issue with this supplier, they ship fast and prices are good...
  8. Nordhavn

    Osram PL530 - Tiny 530nm OPSL

    Impressive CL! That's like a Coherent Compass in your pocket. ;)
  9. Nordhavn

    Looking for 520-525 1-1.5W Lowest divergence w/o correction

    Any 1W Guardian owners here (520nm)? Hows the divergence with a simple collimator? (G2, G7, etc.) I'm trying to get something that's not as bad as MM 445 diodes. I'd love to have something like my 100mW 405. Simple GRIN lens and I'm under .5mRad!
  10. Nordhavn

    Got my Sanwu 1Watt 520 back-POOF!

    Awesome, thanks. How's the duty cycle restrictions? I have a 7W silver and am careful not to go too long but when burning something it's easy to do. It doesn't need an alarm or over temp indicator though! My hands tell me quickly when it's time to shut it down. It's easily my hottest running...
  11. Nordhavn

    Got my Sanwu 1Watt 520 back-POOF!

    I'm thinking of getting one of these lasers (Guardian 1W 520)... How's the divergence on these? Is it staggering like typical 445nm multimodes or better?
  12. Nordhavn

    Affordable long-throw flashlight?

    I have a lot of lights and TBH for one that I keep using that's extremely versatile, durable and just plain works is this one: https://www.milwaukeetool.com/Products/Lighting/Handheld-Lights/2354-20 It's a hell of a thrower and its LEDs look as close to quartz halogen as they come...
  13. Nordhavn


    Coherent Compass DPSS has the coherence length you need. ;)
  14. Nordhavn

    Sanwu 7W silver

    I did get the replacement beam expander a few days ago and it does fit flush and all is well. It's truly impressive (and dangerous to the un-educated!) how far away this device can start a fire and destroy things. Trigger discipline comes to mind when handling firearms.
  15. Nordhavn

    Pole pig and electric service question.

    Pretty neat video showing how these are made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqMGgVZXseA
  16. Nordhavn

    Pole pig and electric service question.

    Around here we have large homes with 1500A service fed by a single 50kVA transformer! You would be amazed at how much abuse they can take especially in the summer time. Commercial service OTOH, is an entirely different animal. I'd love to have a 13.8kV three phase underground feed to my...
  17. Nordhavn

    Burning flashlight

    Another interesting aspect of halogen lamps is they also emit UV radiation. Nowhere near, say a double end (arc tube capsule only) metal halide or mercury vapor, but definitely measurable. If you want a WHITE HOT and I mean HOT lamp, look no further than a carbon arc...
  18. Nordhavn

    Burning flashlight

    Physics at work. Cone area coupled with higher frequencies doesn't need as much power. Lower frequencies, OTOH, need much more power to be as loud. The blue glow is from mercury rectifiers. On the lower registers (bass pedals), the amp is pushing full power (1kW) and the rectifiers are...
  19. Nordhavn

    Burning flashlight

    Guys...how 'bout some music? All this talk, especially when mercury vapor gets mentioned. How could I NOT mention this? This video is self explanatory to most in the field, right? ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3_-2fUm6y0&t=193s As an accomplished organist and valve amp designer, this...
  20. Nordhavn

    Burning flashlight

    Imalent DX80 is what you want. 32k lumens on turbo. It's brutal.