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    Battery tip for Lazerer Rifle Owners - use 18350s

    For those of you that own Lazerer Rifles running on the recommended 2 x 16340s you will no doubt have noticed the batteries are a bit slim for the host and can tend to move around a little - there's probably about 3mm of play. I've occasionally had contact problems using the 16340s (low...
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    Clif at Cajunlasers - Fantastic service :D

    I recently placed a very small order for a couple of lengths of the 26swg wire at Cajuns (10ft in total). When it arrived one of them was 1ft short so I emailed Clif to let him know. He offered to send me some different colours to make up for it but I told him I wasn't really that bothered about...
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    Dailyshop.com - what are they doing? :D

    So,,,, around mid-December last year I ordered a 100mw violet pointer from Dailyshop. About 3 weeks passed, it hadn't arrived, I emailed Dailyshop for an 'update' - no response. At the end of Jan 2012 it still hadn't arrived so I opened a paypal dispute and received a full refund. 2 days later...
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    3 in 1 Review - Rifle 1.2w 445 - Lasersbee USB 2.5W LPM - Lazerer Customer service.

    Rifle 1.2w 445nm. Paid for 27/12/2011 Arrived in Uk 09/01/2011 First impression: Good delivery speed and Awesome!! :D I've only had a 100mw greenie to compare it to so absolutely blown away by this. Focused, it bursts strong black balloons and lights matches (red ones) as soon as it touches. I...