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  1. clansley

    Low risk Group Buys

    Previous group-buy hosts please help! Most members seem to live in the US but increasingly companies are refusing to ship to the US. One solution offered in thread "http://laserpointerforums.com/f55/pgl-iii-c-589-80mw-feeler-92917.html" is to have it shipped outside the US and then have...
  2. clansley

    Mirrors/cubes/door viewer/Remote Phosphor

    I was having some fun with my lasers and camera - I'm very slowly getting better. Although still finding 405nm impossible to photograph. The mirrors and cubes are what I got from projectors as described in this thread...
  3. clansley

    Who wants a variable power laser?

    In another thread I came to the conclusion that I would love a variable power laser. That would mean I could buy the readily available 1W+ 445nm, but turn it down to just 200mW (which for me would used more than at the high setting). I wondered how many others would be interested in such a...
  4. clansley

    High power needed - why?

    I keep seeing posts where people (even experienced members) want even higher powered lasers - I'm missing something as I can't understand why? I can understand wanting a high enough power for the beam to be brightly visible (in the dark) without fog but that doesn't seems to need anything...
  5. clansley

    Soldering iron help

    I'm completely new to soldering so I need some help to workout if it's DOA or user error. I've just got this 60W soldering iron: 60W Professional LCD Solder Station with ESD Protection | Maplin But even when I put it on 350C I am able to rest solder on the tip without it melting - if I apply...
  6. clansley

    Aliexpress seller tells truth! 445nm @ 10mW

    Just a FYI - I ordered this 10mW 445nm pen laser: "Unique 10mW 445nm 450nm Blue Ray Portable Laser Pointer Pen Osram Diode" It has just arrived and it actually is 10mW and 445nm! I'm so used to seeing lies that I found it unbelievable that this seller tells the truth! Update: I compared it to...
  7. clansley

    DIY beam stop/dump

    After researching beam stops I decided to make one, but weren't sure of the finer details so have been experimenting. This thread covers my process so far, and will be updated until I have my final beam dump. UPDATE: The completed beam stops are in later posts. There were two types I was...
  8. clansley

    Neat slow motion video of laser hitting water drop

    This is cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRbHDtPbHe0
  9. clansley

    Loose focus on [old] sci-fi 445nm 1W

    Having just obtained my highest power laser to date (1W), I was a bit worried by a loose focus adapter as it can easily move from a non-reflective surface to a reflective one without moving the host! :eek: From searching the forums I gather I should use 'Teflon tape' on the threads. Looking at...
  10. clansley

    Ebay money back guarantee worthless

    The ebay money back guarantee is worthless. They say "We guarantee you get the item you ordered, or your money back." That's unless your delivery firm say they delivered and didn't - in that case you end up with no item and no refund! This has just happened to me and I'm out of pocket -...
  11. clansley

    Newbie experiments; get optics from projector NEC MT1030+

    Wasn't sure which area this should be posted in - but as it's not YET laser related this seemed best. Found a broken NEC MT1030+ project on ebay for £0.99 ($1.60) so brought it to extract the optics; hopefully to do some interesting laser experiments/photos later. When choosing a projector I...
  12. clansley

    Lasterbtb 520nm 50mW [HL520-50B single mode] review

    This is my first review so please be gentle! Listed Specs Wavelength: 520nm +/- 10nm Power: 50mW Beam divergence,full angle (mrad):<3.0 Beam Diameter at Aperture (mm): <2.5 Duty cycle: 15 mins on / 10 secs off I've read that the duty cycles on laserbtb's website aren't reliable, but I'm not...
  13. clansley

    Help needed with Divergence measurement

    AFAICT I use the full lit area for full angle divergence, and the inner bright area for half angle divergence. But there seems to be three levels of brightness in my spot and there's a strange effect below the spot should that be included in the measurement or ignored? Spot at 9 meters: full...
  14. clansley

    Cheap laser - large jump in power - normal?

    Hi I brought a cheap 1mW 532nm laser (from odicforce) and at the time in darkness the beam was faintly visible. Recently I've got a 5mW 532nm laser (from odicforce) which has a PowerCheck sticker of 5mW. This one also is faintly visible in darkness. Oddly, the 1mW has jumped in it's...
  15. clansley

    Hi from UK

    Hi I'm Chris from the UK. Almost got a laser whilst drunk on holiday - luckily didn't and got completely scared once I did some research here! After even more research, I got a 1mW 532nm laser from odicforce. I highly recommend getting a eye-safe low powered laser; it's amazing how easy it is...