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  1. Ramsey_innovations

    Sanwu beam expander lens question

    Hey i just got a Sanwu 3x be and I'm wondering if the input lens (objective lens of a beam expander) is in backwards. I tried searching for any info here first but came up with nothing. Anyway, the flat surface on the input side lens is facing the diode. All the diagrams I've seen on beam...
  2. Ramsey_innovations

    Checking in after a Long time away, and sharing my drone product lineup

    Well it's been a very long time since I last checked in here. Life situations, having 2 kids, going through some rough financial patches and dealing with some significant car accident injuries have kept me away. The last time I frequented here I was just beginning the patent process on a modular...
  3. Ramsey_innovations

    Volume Bragg Grating?

    I was wondering if anyone here has any experience working with VBG's, more particularly multiplexed VBG's for spectral combining. I'm interested because, from what I've read, they offer spectral combining with supreme efficiency and a very high damage threshold. There is a company local to me...
  4. Ramsey_innovations

    Help identifying and powering diodes

    Hi all, I found these diodes at a surplus store and I don't know too much about them other than the box they were in was labeled 904nm 8w pulsed. At first I didn't even realize there were two different diodes until I looked closely under an eye loop. These diodes appear to be pulled from some...
  5. Ramsey_innovations

    A pair of hosts F.S. (Pic Heavy)

    Unfortunately it's time for me to part with these in order to make room for future projects. 1. Up first I have a custom host that I turned on my lathe. It has a fairly large heat sink/head that has a unique "finned" design that I came up with to try to maximize the surface area and give it...
  6. Ramsey_innovations

    F.S. Hosts W/Heat sink & Axiz module

    Hey guys, I have 0 (sold) hosts here. They are in NEW condition with NO scratches or damage. They have very nice GITD grips and side clicky and they come with a custom machined aluminum heat sink, Axiz module with acrylic lens and a packet of heat sink compound as well as the leds the host...
  7. Ramsey_innovations

    Micro 2D bar code printed on Dye

    While going through some old diodes I ran across a red 660nm "chip" (none canned) diode I had forgotten about. Apparently I was dissatisfied with it some time ago and mangled the housing pretty bad. For some reason I just decided to take a close look at the semiconductor with my eye loupe and to...
  8. Ramsey_innovations

    Better GaN = Better lasers @ less $$$

    Happened to stumble on this while looking for a good read and thought I should share. IEEE Spectrum: The World's Best Gallium Nitride :beer:
  9. Ramsey_innovations

    DIY Copper heatsink 6x & PHR

    I haven't had much time lately but I've managed to whip up a couple new lasers in between spending 30hrs a week @ school, working part time and starting a catering business with a couple friends. The blue one is a build for a chef I know. It has a PHR set @ 110ma using an o-like boost diode...
  10. Ramsey_innovations

    Power tech's NEW 600mw, 405nm

    High Power Violet Laser Module 405nm 600mW from Power Technology, Inc. 600mw's of 405, must be an awesome sight! I'm sure the price tag is quite hefty. I requested quotes @ 10 & 50 pieces just out of curiosity. I'll post the prices when I get a response.
  11. Ramsey_innovations

    New Laser Module Predicts Their Own Death!

    New Laser Modules Predict Their Own Death from Photonic Products Ltd. Check out this link I found it pretty interesting!
  12. Ramsey_innovations

    FS: Blu-Bullet Mini Carbon! NEW burning blu ray!

    For sale, I have a unique custom mini carbon fiber laser containing a brand new PHR803T which I have harvested. Also included is a built in new driver which I have designed myself using only the best in state of the art electronics components. At the heart of the driver is a MAX711 integrated...
  13. Ramsey_innovations

    Wind Turbine Maximizer

    I wanted to share one of the projects my father has been working on at UCF. This is the article and a few images from his group’s symposium. They traveled to Australia to compete with it in mid July. Results are yet to be decided. The main task my father tackled was to design the layout of...
  14. Ramsey_innovations

    C-Mount Burning @ 1110ºF, 599ºC !!!

    Link to my video on youtube. It's 24mb so I can't upload it here. YouTube - 1000DegLaser I used a wood shim that I had previously burned a hole through to hold the end of the temp probe. I did this so it would shield most of the scatter off of the temp probe's metal end which is quite burnt...
  15. Ramsey_innovations

    Carbon Fiber Host Tutorial !!!

    After making my third carbon fiber laser host successfully I decided I would post a thread on how they are built. It is my preference to use carbon for several reasons; strength, weight, durability, looks, and ease of adaptability. It's also great because it wont transfer body heat to a...
  16. Ramsey_innovations

    7 color fully adjustable

    For my second 7 color laser I wanted to not only reduce the size but also have full adjustment capabilities as well as the ability to easily replace any of the lasers. So the cheapest and easiest way I was able to do this was with 3/4" alum. square tube. I don't have any proper machining tools...