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    120mw EnVee/Alpha style laser - $275

    I bought this laser about 2 months ago and it is still under warranty. It is a great burner and can just rip through the matches. I have lit a match with e2's from about 3-4 feet at the farthest (not bad 8-)) and have popped a balloon from about 10-12ft +. I don't have a power meter but will be...
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    POT-MOD Alpha 105

    I was just wondering if this was possible and if has done it or if anyone knew how to open one of the Alpha model lasers to pot mod it up a bit. I want to give my 105mw a bit of a boost.
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    WTB: Alpha 105/Aries 100/CNI 125+mw

    Hey guys I have had a heck of a year and am starting this one with an awesome laser purchase. I have recently been strapped for money since vehicles were breaking down and such. But that is all behind me and am free to make a new laser purchase. I'm looking for an alpha first and foremost...
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    FS: 1 week old Phoenix + Dragon case BURNS MATCHES

    Thats right, I have in my possession a Phoenix that I had RMA'ed and the new one came last week. I was blown away. I swear they sent me a Nexus in a Phoenix body. I can pop balloons up to 10 ft away, and am able to light matches with Lithium e2 batteries unaided. I used the rub on side of box...
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    WTS: P125 Focus Modded

    I have the same p125 as before, ( the buyer asked me to hold the laser for him, for 2 weeks and then backed out ) So it is still up for grabs. I had a few bites last time around so I think to speed the process up I will give a quick sell price for a 2 day period. Are you ready for this? it's a...
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    Focus moded P125 for sale!

    ok. I am trying to sell all my lasers now cause I am getting a HIGH powered Green. So I am selling all my greenies and my reds too. I am in the group buy for the 200mw "Sentorches" so when all is said and done I should have a 200mw+ red and a 250mw+ green. But I need money. So you guys can...
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    Like new Phoenix for sale

    I have a month old Phoenix that I am putting up for sale. It is in perfect working condition, one tiny nick that you have too look for, besides that it looks brand new. I am asking $210 for it shipped. I will post vids and pics a tomorrow. It is on it's way to SenKat for a proper testing, as to...
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    Spymode 100mw for sale

    I have a spymode laser that works fine and kicks but, The reason I am selling it it I am saving up for a Nova X-105. I am going to be straight with you. It is focused at like 6 inches so it does it's best burning there but It will still pop a balloon from like 3-4 ft away. There is a little bit...
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    how to dissasemble the 100mw ebayser

    that pretty much says it all. I am wondering how or if anyone has taken one of these apart. I want to adjust the focus. it's focused at like 6-8 inches and therefore at about 6ft the dot is about 1 inch around. not what I call good for pointing.