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  1. Immo1282

    Convoy S2+ 405nm & 450nm Builds

    Hi again - Another in the series of builds I'm putting in Convoy S2+ hosts - This may be my last build log of these for a while as I've settled on a build method that can be replicated with only a very limited range of tools, so if I make any more lasers using this method in the S2+, I won't...
  2. Immo1282

    First build! + colour changing diode??

    Hi all, This is my first build-log (of my first build) - Wanted to ask a general diode question too stemming from it. So the build; I picked the Convoy S2 Host, seen in DrMario's S2 builds (and probably others, but I haven't found them). I started off using the method DrMario tried - gluing...
  3. Immo1282

    How to identify 520nm Diode with confusing labeling.

    Hi all, I ordered a PL520B diode from Ebay from this listing "Osram PL520B 520nm 80mW Green Laser Diode 1 PCS/3.8mm/Brand New" but when it arrived, it was labeled in it's container "520 50". I contacted the seller and haven't recieved a reply yet - but I was wondering if anyone here knows how to...
  4. Immo1282

    Prop Laser Pistol - Fallout "AEP7"

    I built a thing - 3D printed from models found here, it's a functional prop laser pistol from the Fallout Series, specifically "Fallout 3" and "Fallout: New Vegas". It has a no-brand "200mw" red laser module purchased from Banggood a few months ago with a linear driver PCB (oddly marked...
  5. Immo1282

    Desired Specification for a new Driver?

    Hi all - I started drafting a specification for a new driver last night but I came to the realisation that since I'm extremely new to Lasers and the LPF - I have absolutely no idea what people would actually want :) So this is a "feature request" thread. What things from existing drivers are...
  6. Immo1282

    Hello from Bristol, UK

    Hello there! :wave: Firstly, i'd like to say thanks to the LPF community - I've lurked for a while and read a fair bit here before I registered, but I'm very grateful for the (indirect, yet still golden) advice and information posted here by the experienced members. I've had an interest in...