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  1. loreadarkshade

    700mW 405nm Build (S06J)

    I can make you one, $100 shipped. Black host same one as in this post :) Let me know if you're interested.
  2. loreadarkshade

    700mW 405nm Build (S06J)

    Not sure about the diode's model # It was extracted from a Sony BDR-S06J aka SF-BW512L. a 12X blu ray laser burner :) https://www.ebay.ca/itm/233583052849
  3. loreadarkshade

    405nm Laser Pen 488nm Conversion

    You have to make sure to change the shunt resistor on the boost driver to output 105mA for the 488nm diode :) It's not plug and play!
  4. loreadarkshade

    405nm Laser Pen 488nm Conversion

    I have replaced the stock SLD3232VF 405nm diode that comes with these cheap pen lasers with a Sharp GH04850B2G diode 488nm :) Try it yourself! With some patience and a few tools, its quite easy.
  5. loreadarkshade

    Gas lasers still relevant?

    same here :)
  6. loreadarkshade

    I bought a laser but seller doesn't respond

    I want updates on this, trinh is usually a great seller! I'm sure this will get resolved.
  7. loreadarkshade

    Facebook laser group

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/859025558304468/ Come join the laser clan! Anyone is free to discuss anything laser related :) Fb is usually quicker to use on the phone than the forums :) so i decided to make another group as the other existing ones (2) are pretty dormant. I also don't like how...
  8. loreadarkshade

    700mW 405nm Build (S06J)

    Uses 2x 10440 batteries in my standard host. Diode running at 6v @ 450mA
  9. loreadarkshade

    520nm 1 watt Laser Build

    My custom hand-built 520nm 1W pointer for a client. One of my all time favorites, so bright and shimmery, even indoors with normal lighting! :O These diodes are just insane. You can buy one if you'd like to at my website: https://sites.google.com/view/ye-olde-laser-shoppe Uses 2x 10440...
  10. loreadarkshade

    488nm & 505nm Lasers for Sale

    It is my website :) They are all new.
  11. loreadarkshade

    488nm & 505nm Lasers for Sale

    35mW, thanks I corrected the post :)
  12. loreadarkshade

    1.6w 450nm for sale

    450nm: (https://sites.google.com/view/ye-olde-laser-shoppe/450nm-1-6w) $50 + Shipping Worldwide 1600mW @ 4.8v 1200mA OSRAM PLTB450B Diode
  13. loreadarkshade

    Measure Laser Distance

    Use two lasers in parallel, and measure the distance between the dots at a distance to get range. They do this in the nautilus program.
  14. loreadarkshade

    New Blue Diodes - NUBM4F

    Some specs i found here: https://www.beamq.com/nichia-nubm44-450nm-6w-9mm-brand-new-p-1564.html Design Wavelength: 445 nm Operating Current Typ [A]: 3 A Operating Temp. Range: 0 to +60 °C Operating Voltage: 3,7 - 5,2 V Package: TO-5 Threshold Current: 150 - 350 mA Storage...
  15. loreadarkshade

    488nm & 505nm Lasers for Sale

    Excuse the bathroom shot on my website for the 505nm LOL it was the safest room to shine the laser into and darkest room to see the beam on camera :)
  16. loreadarkshade

    488nm & 505nm Lasers for Sale

    488nm: (https://sites.google.com/view/ye-olde-laser-shoppe/488nm-55mw) $65 + Shipping Worldwide 55mW @ 6v 105mA GH04850B2G Diode 505nm: (https://sites.google.com/view/ye-olde-laser-shoppe/505nm-35mw) $55 + Shipping Worldwide 35mW @ 6v 80mA GH05030C2LM Diode Both use 3x AAA batteries...
  17. loreadarkshade

    [SOLD] Selling 488nm 55mW $65 USD + Shipping

    Homemade 488nm laser. I love this one, its my all time favorite, but im low on cash right now so i want to sell it. Running at 105mA 6V with a cc boost driver uses 3x AAA batteries Pictures - I might make a few more if theres demand! :)
  18. loreadarkshade

    450nm 1.6W Handheld Build - PLTB450B

    Well well mister gazer101, I would have you know the batteries were included in the price of the flashlight and shipping as well :P You are right though I did forget the $2 diode housing/lens :) No charger for this though as it uses plain old AAA batteries :O shhhhh hahaha