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    This is honest for ebay

    www.ebay.com/itm/1PCS-Ultrafire-3000mAh-3-7V-Li-ion-18650-Rechargeable-Lithium-Battery/254074353833?epid=2187097201&hash=item3b2802f8a9%3Ag%3AZm8AAOSwa3ZbzMEA&LH... I have the exact same cell that came with a 303. I'm going to open it for a chuckle.. :unsure: It has to be a joke as shipping is...
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    This is different..

    OK I gave it a shot of trying some 18350 re raps that didn't have a crazy mAh rating.. Rated at a maby beleivable 800mAh.. They do "feel" hefty though and solid compared to some ***fire brands I have.. Non protected but they each measure 2.5mm longer than my AW unprotected, which when you put...
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    LED current draw?

    Newbie question,, I bought a 5 pack of the cree 14500 flashlights and noticed that there was no difference in brightness between 1 AA alkaline at the usual 1.5V and a "Trustfire" 14500 at 3.7V+ I tried a Efest 14500 and the brightness was a huge difference. I mentioned the 5 pack as there's...
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    Fs or Trade, NUM44 in C11 and M140 in S4.

    Looking to sell or even do some trading for a high output 520 diode and driver module setup. I don't care much if there's no host.. There's a C11 host "maby knock off" side clicky button with a NUM44 and SXD at 4A. The green rougher texture host seems to be a thicker cast type of aluminum. This...
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    Pressure Switch power loss??

    https://www.survivallaserusa.com/Pressure_Pad_Switch/p1667092_7862079.aspx I can't seem to find the thread where someone wanted a remote pressure switch but came across one from survival lasers and did not know using one can rob up to 15% of the optical power from the laser?? Is it a typo?
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    Laserpointer pro????

    I'm seeing adds from this scam store in between post's of members. Please don't tell me they have bought add space here??:unsure:
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    Thanks for the links....

    I lost somehow my canister of liquid flux. No Home Depot, Lowe's or even Ace Hardware seems to carry anything other than plumber's flux.. I'm so tired of searching online and getting ready for checkout only to see most of them "seem" only to be for copper piping. It doesn't help I want a small...
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    About the NUMG07E 465nm

    Has any one driven a 07E 465nm diode at a lower 2W and noticed any wavelength shift bellow the usual norm of 470nm?
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    Star Trek TOS Phaser's Laser Modded For Sale..

    Time has come and thinking about trying to sell a few of my Star Trek laser modded TV series phaser's. These are made from the Rubie's Co. Toy brand. Very accurate to the real prop and they have lots of room inside for good heatsinking and work in general.. I have 5 or 6 just sitting in a draw...
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    Today is National Trivia Day.

    :thinking:119 Amazing Facts for National Trivia Day | Mental Floss. Dr. Ruth is a trained Israele sniper by the way:can:
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    Harbor Freight Tactical light.

    Wondering if anyone has seen Harbor Freights new monthly flyer. First time iv'e seen them offer a "Tactical Stream Light Pro Trac" $9.99 with super coupon and takes "4" AAA's Just mentioning it as its not their usual cheapie 9LED free coupon ones..
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    Sanwu link

    As i'm trying to log on to Sanwu from the forum add i'm getting "Your connection is not private" Can you tell me if this a google thing for customer protection?
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    Eggs, yup it's about egg's...

    Got an 18 pack the other day and grabbed the first 3 up front in the crate this morning and cracked them open and all 3 were double yoked:whistle: Wondering how many more might be in this case:thinking: Does a double yoke egg bring you good luck or bad luck? Was it the roosters doing as no way...
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    Older member's do you remember??

    Iv'e been watching this "MeTV" channel and it's been showing some oldies from our youth:cryyy: Anyway's "Land Of The Giant's" just started a few months ago:) and loving it:shhh: The huge props and filming actually looks pretty good for 70's tech, except for a few times when it only took 4...
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    Just might not be bad??

    I didn't want to add on to the old Vegas shooting thread that got out of hand. I don't know if anyone has seen it yet but I just saw a TV add for a "Atomic Shield". It's a big note book size bullet proof board that seems to be sold by the "Atomic" flashlight etc. company. It's to fit in...
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    Is there anything good in this?

    I got a ImageVault digital video recorder. www.fireking.com/video-security Quite a few PCU fans and wondering what else might be good inside before I tear it open? I can't fine any info on the unit itself as far as any thing WL or diode related and being digital recording wouldn't think so?
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    Cheap way to clean plastic lenses?

    Ha! got you all to think not this question again:can: Its a lens question but not lasers:D It's about the plastic headlight lenses on cars and the yellowing issue's. Yes i'm a car guy but all of my rides have always had the glass lenses so I never had the need to try cleaning them. My friends...
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    Could it cause issue's?

    Hi guy's, iv'e given 2 people in my building my Comecast wifi pass word as they can't afford their own. Now someone else asked to use it..Like the title say's what issues could I have and am I stupid to have given it?:can:
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    Search bar

    Has the the search bar changed it's format in any way? It doesn't seem to bring me to any forum posts like it used to.
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    505nm in ebay special module?

    Anyway would it be possible to put Dtr's 505nm in a cheapie ebay module like this.. 500mw 405nm 12V Adjustable Focal Blue-Violet Industrial Engraving Laser Module Iv'e thought of the issue's of how hard it might be to dismantle because of the glue used. Not being able to pull the 405 diode out...