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    Sanwu Lasers - Offical thread

    Attacking everyone that build you a host in a matter of a month requires or is the product of a sense of humor?? Buy the way the goo that you claim that was on Lifetimes host was probably Thermal paste or vasoline to keep the thread smooth. If you have such high standards just build one yourself...
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    Sanwu Lasers - Offical thread

    Podo, glad you send a refund, now block this guy "Gatrezal" from your store and posting on this thread. I am beginning to think he's stripping the threads and damaging hosts himself:whistle: He attacked "Lifetime17" sales sight also.. Either way he needs to get help for himself with issues or...
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    Free, on its way to a good home

    Very nice thought;)
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    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    The only imperfections that you won't find with a 20x loop would probably be on a NASA telescope mirror and then you still might. High level proof coins even have some.. Gatrezal, please do the right thing and delete your threads on this Lifteime17 sales post. Then start your own if you feel...
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    mW safety question

    Yes exactly.. Glad you brought it up Curtis as it hasn't been mentioned for a while to just how over spec the cheaper lasers can be..
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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    I like your new avatar pic Red!
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    Can a Lazer device to clean normal dust? To like scanning the surface areas and clean/burn the dust molecules

    I doubt it? I have a feeling with this question and also being your first post that some members will be harsh on you with reply's. Don't get upset.. I hope your not aiming lasers at anyone or anything trying to kill germs.
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    SELL! BLue laser and sky BLue with Great price

    He ships from Vietnam, just chiming in till he trinh replys.
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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    I have no shame in admitting that I have not much of a clue about politic's although I do see Biden as somewhat of con man and a pervert and his son included. In a nut shell, just what is Biden suppose to be doing for the US?
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    What size DTR modules ???

    About a month ago I started watching the TV show "Invaders" on the channel "MeTV" that's on every Sunday early morning. I cannot remember watching it as a child:unsure: so now I am going to record it. Who ever doesn't have a pulse is a alien:whistle: Rich, I would do the 20mm hosts..
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    Ehgemus Host's

    Come on now.. Aliens first post of his builds show gattling gun hosts and some stainless hosts from Survival Lasers and a bunch of 66 pens. Posting a thread of Ehgemus hosts is refreshing for this forum and shows the newbies some of the old days here. What is bothering you these days? I truly...
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    New 505nm Diodes! | newb help

    Pretty cool idea Red, I see the black tube you always use to help with the beam splash:)
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    New 505nm Diodes! | newb help

    I had your idea in mind.. As long as the anodizing is very good it just might work. Also I think?? I have seen set screws with a plastic tip insert which would help. You don't need alot of pressure to hold in the module.
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    New 505nm Diodes! | newb help

    I think you missed something? The issue with a set screw is because this 505 diode is case positive. The module has to be isolated. Any length set screw will still make contact from host to module. If you did see that the diode is case positive do you think a very thin layer of anodizing will...
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    New 505nm Diodes! | newb help

    It's posted up top..
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    New 505nm Diodes! | newb help

    The link is just going to ebay' front page. If it's from DTR on ebay he's also seller here with a awsome rep. DTR shows a Sh**p 505 diode but it is "case positive". This might cause issues as far as choosing a driver?? Look at his sight and click on that 505 and he has them as a complete...
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    Has anybody hear from GSS

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    Has anybody hear from GSS

    I have been saving this for you Red.. Even Uncle Tony is a closet Buick guy..
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    Has anybody hear from GSS

    Wow. Thank you everyone! I'm not good at taking compliments and nice words about me. It is though very warming to see all of your posts..:cry: Yes though i'm doing ok and doing my best to be safe with covid. Hope no one took ill other than Curtis might of a while back. Everyone stay safe! I'm...
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    WTB blue 445nm laser kit or complete laser

    Member "Lifetime17" builds some really nice complete lasers or a "plug and play" pre wired host that is ready for a 12mm laser module, just connect the 2 wires and slide in the module and done. Very nicely priced.. DTR is the way to go to buy complete module/laser/driver.