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  1. csshih

    WTS: Battlefield 4 Codes

    Not really laser related but I figured you guys might be interested.. I have a ton of BF4 keys to sell, $15 each. These are legitimate keys from AMD GPUs. you will need to redeem them here: http://www.amd4u.com/getbattlefield4/ Paypal, please. If you're interested please send $15 to...
  2. csshih

    Illumination Supply Black Friday Deals

    For your incoherent needs :D :beer: We've been having deals all month! Check them out if you haven't. Oh - and our Nitecore TM26 models have been updated to the 3800 lumen ones, now. :angel: Week 1: Sunwayman Week 2: All Malkoff Devices dropins are now added to the list Week 3: Nitecore and...
  3. csshih

    Radiant Electronics is back!

    Hello Everyone, Last year, we purchased Radiant Electronics from forum members Mariomaster and Spyrorocks with the intent of continuing production of their popular budget "alpha" line, but we weren't entirely satisfied with the functionality (though it was a great product!). We decided to...
  4. csshih

    Radiant X4: A LPM for the masses at Illumination Supply!

    Hi Everyone, I'm pleased to offer up for sale a new LPM targeted towards enthusiasts on a budget. The photos will do the talking. LCD Screen? ✓ Datalogging with a computer? ✓ Up to 3.7W? ✓ Just under $100? ✓ Here are some more formal specifications.. :whistle: Specifications Power...
  5. csshih

    FS: Flexmod P3 Laser Drivers

    They're finally here! For your more advanced laser needs. :) The FlexMod P3 driver is an advanced high speed, high current capability, linear current-regulated diode driver with a very small footprint. It is designed for flexible industrial, experimental, and custom optical applications, and...
  6. csshih

    FS: Ether Dream DAC

    For those who plan to or have laser projectors, the Ether Dream is now available at Illumination Supply! The Ether Dream is an extensible laser DAC. It supports Ethernet, USB, microSD, and ILDA, and has a set of headers for future expansion. The firmware, protocol, and driver are all modular...
  7. csshih

    SALE: 520nm 50mw direct green diodes (PL520)

    Greetings folks, We're having a sale on PL520 diodes! From now until the friday of next week, take 30% off with coupon code "osram" Click on the pic! Let the builds commence! :wave:
  8. csshih

    Titanium USB 3.0 Flash Drives

    Not laser related, as it seems many of my posts are. :whistle: A friend of ours has teamed up with us to make these drives, as we need help to bring them to mass production! Click the pic, it's a kickstarter project ;)
  9. csshih

    Quick Video: Nitecore SRT7

    Calvin did a quick video of a Nnitecore SRT7 - do let me know what you guys think! Craig
  10. csshih

    Micro FlexDrives and Micro BoostDrives @ Illumination Supply

    Hello Everyone, We're very pleased to carry Flexdrives and microboost on our shop! These are in stock and shipping - we ship by Fedex, USPS, and DHL Express for international customers that really need them quickly. These drivers have been fairly hard to get, and We've decided to lower the...
  11. csshih

    520nm 50mw direct green diodes (PL520)

    Hey All! We've got these diodes in stock and shipping! ;) We've been focusing on the flashlight market for a few years, but have always occasionally carried laser products. (the laserharp being a notable one!) Click the link to be taken to our site!
  12. csshih

    Giant H3 Vials - Budget Edition!

    I'll let this picture say it all :) on the right is a hds 120 modded to a XM-L neutral. it's on the lowest low. The first trit on the left is from my last batch of 2010 manufacture vials. I now have some older ones for cheap :) Type 1 are super large ~165mm x ~7mm vials. I only have none...
  13. csshih

    WTB: Argon Psu Cables

    can anyone identify the center or top cable? :) Looking to purchase both, PM me! Craig
  14. csshih

    Jetlasers 250mW PL-C 532 Green Laser

    Just spent too much on a computer, and I need to get more hard drives to backup with, soo... Same laser as pictured here: The Bright Side • View topic - Jetlasers PL-C 250mW 532 Pictorial Review 280 Shipped CONUS. Box and accessories included! Thanks all. Craig
  15. csshih

    Jetlasers PL-C 250mW 532 Pictorial Review

    Thought I'd link you fellow laserists to this: The Bright Side ; View topic - Jetlasers PL-C 250mW 532 Pictorial Review :wave: Let me know what you think, either here or there. Craig
  16. csshih

    450+mW PL-C

    I had an issue with the last laser I got, so I sent it in for warranty (which will carry onto the next owner - 1 year warranty from 1/20/2011). The laser I then got was overspec :beer: it will be even harder to let go of this one. That laser power meter is made by Radiant Electronics -...
  17. csshih

    FS: Jetlasers 300mW PL-C

    Temporarily withdrawn! please contact me if you are interested, though! Hey All, Up for sale is a Jetlasers PL-C from the recent group buy. I'm more into projectors now, so I need to start raising funds for my first build. I cannot say how good the quality of the machining on this laser...
  18. csshih

    Dark Side of the Moon Laser Show

    :yh: SoCaLEM 2011. An informal performance of the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Laser Show by Jon of Laserium at SoCaLEM 2011. (Southern California Laser Enthusiast Meet) If the video suddenly cuts out it is because my DSLR overheated, or I ran out of memory card space. Please just wait...
  19. csshih

    Quick Pictorial Review: Super Beast Green #100 006

    Hello All, I recently got this cheap ~25$ laser in the mail, and thought to post some quick pictures about it. A picture is worth a thousand words, no? No, I do not have any divergence measurements, nor do I have balloon popping pictures. I bought this just to fool around with. This one I got...
  20. csshih

    RediLast 2900mAH - Feed your lasers with quality cells!

    Hey Laserists, I've now got the 2900 mAH RediLast cells in stock. good stuff, though these are slightly long. :angel: ~69mm! Pay attention to that if you order! RediLast Protected 2900mAH 18650 - $17.75 : Illumination Supply, Dedicated to bringing you products of superior Quality and...