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    9 Badass Lasers That Prove the Death Star Isn't Far Off | Cracked.com

    Ac 70-2

    Reporting of Laser Illumination of Aircraft This a document that details the procedures a pilot of an aircraft is supposed to follow when someone shines at laser at his/ her aircraft. It also explains what the FAA and air tower control facility will do. AC 70-2 - Reporting of Laser...

    Dreams about lasers

    I recently had my wisdom teeth pulled so I wasn't surprised when I awoke last night at 4:30 feeling like my mouth was on fire. So I took a Percocet and an ibuprofen and went back to sleep (in total I slept for about 12 hours). Then I had a dream about the WhiteFusion kit and I was actually...

    XJ-A150 for $1173?

    Posted about this in the 445nm diodes thread but I think it deserves its own thread. I found a Casio XJ-A150 for 780 GBP or about $1173 USD. That's about $49 a diode before shipping/ profit. I don't know if it's the real deal or not or even if anyone wants to buy it now that they are being...

    Motorized Bicycles

    I just bought an 80cc (it's really 66cc) engine kit of ebay to turn my mountain bike into a mopedish beast. It should be able to go about 30mph top speed on flats. Here is the kit: 80cc bicycle motor kit motorized gas engine bike Black - eBay (item 250576239308 end time Mar-08-10 12:35:38 PST)...

    New CNI Portables

    I haven't been following CNI's 532nm handhelds/ portables too closely lately so I'm not sure how many of these are new, scroll down to handhelds/ portables: 532 nm green laser. I know for a fact the focusable is new, and I believe that the PGL-III-M-532 is new. Thanks for reading. Edit: I...

    Amount of IR in O-like Modules

    I am trying to found out how much IR light an O-like 150mW or 200mW old style (regular brass) emits. I'm hoping someone on this forum has one of these modules, an LPM and an IR filter. I searched using LPF's search box and the Google Search Box on LPF however it is a PITA to find any actual...


    Does anyone here own a 515nm laser? I would love to see pics.

    Need Help Getting Wireless Internet on a Desktop

    I have a Linksys wireless router up and running and I got a wireless internet USB adapter for Christmas. This is the adapter I got from DX: DealExtreme: $10.68 Creative-I/O 802.11g/b Wifi/WLAN 54Mbps USB Wireless Network Adapter Unfortunately it came with a mini CD type thing, which I highly...
  10. ZRTMWA

    Forums You Are a Member Of

    Post other forums that you are a member of. I'm just curious plus I think it will be interesting to see what weird forums there are out there. I will start: 1. MAAPR: Mid-Atlantic Airsoft Player's Registry 2. Pink Floyd Online: Can you guess what this is about??? 3. RAV4World: Good info about...
  11. ZRTMWA

    Harbor Freight Tools December-January Sale

    We just got our Harbor Freight Tools Catalog and it seems they are having a sale from today, December 12, 2009 to January 17, 2010. Just a couple of laser related things that caught my eye: CEN-TECH 7 Function Digital Multimeter for $1.99 3-1/2" Super Bright Nine LED Aluminum Flashlight for...
  12. ZRTMWA

    "Other" Section View Count

    Right now there are 300 people viewing the "other" section (299 before I clicked on it)?!?! :wtf::huh: Maybe it has to do with c0ld's new sticky...
  13. ZRTMWA

    In History: Z?

  14. ZRTMWA

    Hooking up Xbox Live

    Now with MW2 out I really want Xbox live. I have a 360 and halo and a couple other games but never really wanted live for some reason. So what is the best method? My xbox is in my basement and my computer is directly above it on the first floor (I don't know if that matters). I'm not sure if I...
  15. ZRTMWA

    DX Cell Phone Blockers

    Has anyone bought or used one of the DX Cell Phone Blockers? I know they are illegal in the US but I think DX still ships them here. They seem pretty crappy but maybe they can be tweaked to use at longer distances. I might just try to but one since they are under $30. Thanks...
  16. ZRTMWA

    Propeller design

    I was thinking about the Egg Drop thread and the Math Homework help thread so I figured I would start a tech ed help thread. I don't really need help, its not like I'm going to fail if I can't think of a design but I always like to hear the opinions of LPF members. That said, in tech ed we are...
  17. ZRTMWA

    45W 532nm

    I rarely venture into the industrial section of CNI's website and when I did I happened upon the 45W 532nm laser: http://www.cnilaser.com/PDF/HPL-532-Q.pdf Now I am wondering, what the hell is one of these lasers used for?? I thought lasers used for cutting were generally in the IR range. And...
  18. ZRTMWA

    To All LPF members in Maryland

    Looking for all LPF members located in Maryland. I believe I have found the bulk of them: ZRTMWA Doofus Tymtravler itw3ak Randomlugia Schrecken_Licht Reaver789 FirstPlayer Pseudonyms guiltyspark keeperx 360freak Serinox If you are not on here and are located in maryland just post something in...
  19. ZRTMWA

    LPM Tested Rayfoss 200mW

    Has anyone LPM tested their 200mW Green Rayfoss laser? I looked in the reviews but they all were (or seemed) underspec. They claim to be 180 to 220 mW. Does anyone know what the modules used in these lasers look like? The O-like 200mW Green Module based on two reviews is only about 160 average...
  20. ZRTMWA

    Custom Copper Powder Heatsinks

    Would Copper Powder be suitable to use as a heatsink in lasers? I realize it would be very important to seal off the powder once it is poured around the diode/module, as to not interfere with the electronics and not scratch the diode. It seems like it would be much easier and cheaper than having...