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  1. SKeeZ

    Two Melles Griot Tubes With Clipped Chords

    Hello again LPF, This post is an inquiry about how easy it is to fix a problem such as this: This eBay listing is pretty cheap and includes 2 melles griot HeNe tubes, the only problem is that the wires have been clipped. how easy would it be to strip the casing of the tubes, remove the clips...
  2. SKeeZ

    C6 Host DOUBLE M140 Duty Cycle

    Hello LPF, Today I have discovered something fairly interesting. One of my previous hobbies was RC cars. I had an RC car called the MLST/2 which had a dual motor configuration. These motors would get VERY hot and thus needed heat dissipation. Earlier i decide to take those heatsinks off of...
  3. SKeeZ

    Where to start? HeNe Gas Laser

    Hello LPF, I discovered gas lasers through this forum, specifically bloompyle. I am facinated with their multiline behaviors and i think i would like to purchase a good multiline HeNe. I'm tight on cash so nothing fancy ($100ish, more if i need to). I would love to buy from a USA member or if...
  4. SKeeZ

    G9 Lens Extraction! Will it work? or Fail?

    Hey guys, I got my G9 Lens in the mail a minute ago but I'm still not at home. I will update with plenty of picture of the extraction process. Still to be determined if i make a mistake and waste $30. that would be a shame. EDIT: For the past two days, Tracking by USPS has said "on truck for...
  5. SKeeZ

    Account Name Change: Sam's Laser Faq

    Hello Everybody. Hakzaw1 brought to my attention that i had named myself after someone who is much more known than myself, Dr. Sam. I do not have a Dr. prefix in my name so I decided i owed it to him to change me name. My new username will be "SKeeZ" (don't judge me) so i thought i'd let...
  6. SKeeZ

    Jayrob Pen Host 100mW Osram PL520

    Hello guys, I just finished my blue laser and i thought its time to add a green to the collection. I really wanted to do a pen build in Jayrob's silver pen host and i immediately thought PL520. So, I decided to bet a PL520 (520nm) with an acrylic lens and a pre-soldered microboost set at 300mAh...
  7. SKeeZ

    Chill: M140 2 Watt 445nm BURNER C6 Host

    C6 M140 Blue "Chill" Hello all, It has come time for me to share my long awaited (on my part at least) first build of a Class IV 445nm laser. It is a rather picture heavy post but i hope you all enjoy scrolling. The parts for my laser are: Diode: M140 from DTR Lens: G9...
  8. SKeeZ

    Sketchy eBay batteries...

    Not sure why i decided this was a good idea but hell, if these turn out to be ligitimate (highly unlikely) it might even be worth it. So heres the story. I built My 2W C6 laser and i don't have batteries for it. So, i went on eBay and found some "ultrafire" (definitley not ultrafire) 5ooomAH -...
  9. SKeeZ

    Where To Buy The G9?

    If someone could be so kind as to point me to someonw who sells the G9 lens without (or with) the lens holder. I understand that it performs better than a G2 but i am wondering why i cant buy it anywhere except on a 9mm diode
  10. SKeeZ

    Favorite Wavelength?

    Hello guys this is just a post that i felt necessary because i haven't posted on the first forum of the website yet. Might as well ask a question: What is the prettiest wavelength in your opinion? share your opinion below
  11. SKeeZ

    C6 Momentary Button

    Hello LPF, I am going to be making a 2W 445nm C6 Hosted laser and mi would rather have (or in adition to) a momentary switch end cap. If you have a C6 host, would it be easy to modify it? or is there a replacement cap online that has a momentary switch integrated.
  12. SKeeZ

    Laser Lighter 5mW just for laughs

    Hello LPF, I got bored last night SO, I made a Laser lighter. Its just 5mW so its just a joke but i hope you enjoy. Its powered by 2 AAAs shuved in a lighter. Heres what it looks like: The switch: The diode at the end of the "flame tube" Powered on: Beam with lots of fog Beam with...
  13. SKeeZ

    BEST 17mm Driver For M140 Module (Non Heat sinking)

    Hello LPF, I need an idea for a soft start 17/16.8mm driver that will hold a steady current and not fry my diode to quick. My budget is about 40 bucks. Ideally I want to run the M140 Blue (445nm) module at 1.0W or maybe 1.25. If 1.25 is going to damage the driver I'm OK with 1.0W...
  14. SKeeZ

    Newbie... Help With 1W Laser Project.

    Hello Laser Pointer Forums, Today i purchased parts for my 1W 445nm Blue laser. I was wondering if anyone has any pointers for building in the C6 host, soldering, etc. This is my first DIY laser build and i don't want to mess it up. I would also like to know a place to get cheap and...