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  1. sk8er4514

    HighTechDealZ Cyber Monday 50% off everything

    Shipped! Thanks again.
  2. sk8er4514

    HighTechDealZ Cyber Monday 50% off everything

    Yeah no problem! Thanks for looking :) -Kendall
  3. sk8er4514

    HighTechDealZ Cyber Monday 50% off everything

    Lasers, HighTechDealZ Cheap red 300mW & blue (445nm) 1W lasers! thanks everyone & happy holidays, Kendall
  4. sk8er4514

    FS: 445nm 1W+, 405nm 120mW+, 650nm 300mW+ Laser Diodes!

    I sell the glass lenses too though! HighTechDealZ - Aixiz 660nm Coated Glass Lens
  5. sk8er4514

    445nm blue lighting candles with 3 cameras

    9sp2AlQsNoI I set up 3 cameras at once. Pretty neat effect I think to have multiple views of some candles lighting. :) -Kendall
  6. sk8er4514

    FS: 445nm 1W+, 405nm 120mW+, 650nm 300mW+ Laser Diodes!

    It's been forever since I've posted much in LPF, so howdy and Merry Christmas everyone! I've got a bit too much inventory and too much time to kill in the next couple weeks so I've priced all my lasers at competitive prices to try to move some product. You are able to get an additional 10% off...
  7. sk8er4514

    eBikes anyone?

    acceleration will be ridiculous.. as fast or faster than cars. especially if I mod the controller to bump up the amps.
  8. sk8er4514

    eBikes anyone?

    45mph / 72 kmph
  9. sk8er4514

    eBikes anyone?

    I'm curious if any of y'all are into the electric bicycle scene? I've ridden one before in Costa Rica and it was amazing. I'm building my own currently, just waiting some some more parts in the mail coming from China. I'm building a 72V 1.5kW rear hub motor on a 26" mountain bike. Using 20s2p...
  10. sk8er4514

    A question to laser site owners

    I've been running my site for like 5 years now. 4 or 5 years ago it was very profitable but now I keep running it just for fun. You have to enjoy the hobby and do it for fun for a site to last :) Google Adwords can get lots of customers, as well as LPF. -Kendall
  11. sk8er4514

    Help buying 532 and 445

    you should post this in the BST thread... make the subject "WTB: 532nm 500mW laser and 445nm 1W+ laser" -Kendall
  12. sk8er4514

    modwerx is now closed

    best of luck with taxes bud, I had that issue a while ago. get a CPA ftw. and incorporate a LLC Small Corporation. save like 7% on taxes, it's badass.
  13. sk8er4514

    The MagicSticks Custom Hosts - PICS & INFO

    Re: MagicStick - The new 2012 custom host 74J_R9Bifj8
  14. sk8er4514

    WTB LPC-826 diode

    HighTechDealZ - 650nm LPC826 Brand New Laser Diode LPC826 bare diode or HighTechDealZ - 650nm LPC826 Red Laser Diode in Aixiz Module LPC826 in aixiz module. -Kendall
  15. sk8er4514

    Laser Flashlight Hack! ZOMG

    I had a question from a customer saying the following "Can your 650nm LPC826 Red Laser Diode in Aixiz Module [LPC826] be simply pressed into the mini maglite without the driver?" reminded me of ole' Kipkay. -Kendall
  16. sk8er4514

    Laser Flashlight Hack! ZOMG

    CgJ0EpxjZBU hehe. -Kendall
  17. sk8er4514

    Vacation 25th-1st

    Enjoy Yobresal. Are you doing a wine cruise by chance? Last summer I did a 10 day cruise from Rome to Athens with Tobin James Winery. free superb wine is the best wine when enjoyed in the Mediterranean. I'm doing another normal cruise in 2 weeks. pretty pumped about it :)
  18. sk8er4514

    China shipping problem

    I'd bet you were sold some counterfeit beatz headphones and customs figured it out. counterfeiting is the highest form of flattery. -Kendall
  19. sk8er4514

    FS: 405nm PHR805T Blu Ray Laser Diodes

    If you want to buy bulk I can sell at those prices.. Typically I sell individual retail though. My prices include shipping as well. The "most other places" probably have additional costs for shipping. -Kendall