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    Help in buying appropriate lasers

    The reason I need lasers and not colored objects is because objects are solid. I do not want the animal to use any other sensory information but the laser beam. A dot doesn't work for this purpose because then it's just a two dimensional image. And I do understand the different safety...
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    Help in buying appropriate lasers

    I appreciate your skepticism, but I'm not about to disclose my identity on an internet forum by uploading a copy of my certificates or transcripts. I am a graduate student (MS received, PhD in progress), studying sensory systems at a university (I'm a biologist, not a physicist). However, me...
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    Help in buying appropriate lasers

    Hi, all, I'm not a laser enthusiast as many of you are but I'm interested in using them for a project. I am a (real) scientist attempting to conduct a vision study with animals and want to use lasers as a sort of vision-only obstacle course. We're using 532 nm because we know that is in the...