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  1. Tre

    Laser beam visibility and power.

    Ok, a 30mw laser beam perpendicular to line of sight is only visible from about 10 meters away. This is because most of the light is either reflected straight back off of particles or slightly redirected away from the beam. What I want to know is how much power one would need to make a laser...
  2. Tre

    Thrift shop score thread.

    I was browsing a local thrift shop and found this beauty for $3. It's quite the heatsink, too bad I don't have any powerful diodes to strap onto it. :lasergun: My dad found a $120 solar panel for just $12, I want to find it so I can set up a solar battery charger. :tinfoil: Post your best...
  3. Tre

    Let's talk about divergence (mrad)

    I don't know how to say all that I want to but I will try, please correct me if I am wrong. I did not understand the measurement mrad before so I think this will be good for people to understand what it means 1 mrad (milliradian) = 0.057296° Assuming the starting diameter is negligible and the...
  4. Tre

    Rayfoss RF532-30mW-QMT Green 30mw waterproof laser

    Well, after being in shipping for 40 days it has arrived! In August I decided to finally go ahead and order my first >5mw laser a, Rayfoss waterproof green. This is just a first impressions, I will post updates as I use it more and of course beamshots tonight. It is very bright, so much that I...
  5. Tre

    DVD Diode Pics+ some questions

    Hello, I remembered that I took apart an old dvd rewritable drive several years ago and did nothing with it (this was back in the ќiрkay craze :na:) I don't have too much confidence that it will work, but I can hope. I tried powering it before with alkaline batteries but of course it did not...
  6. Tre

    Lasers in the sky!?! (google earth sky).

    Hello all! I am just getting into the hobby having never owned a more powerful laser than a cheap "<5mw" green pen, I have a rayfoss waterproof 30mw on it's way (including goggles) that I will be sure to do a review on. I am excited to be a part of this community and learn way too much about...