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  1. Shotgundrums

    Red Boolit

    Hey, Paul!! I don’t have a way to fully safely discharge/recharge to measure their total capacity. They’re advertised from 110-130mAh. These little cells are typically welded into small things like e-cigs and little rechargeable speakers. I know what you’re saying about the inflated battery...
  2. Shotgundrums

    Red Boolit

    Hey, Jeff. I ordered them from a vendor on Alibaba. I use a little Adafruit chip charger to charge them. It’s like a 100mAh charger. I was thinking of getting some more actually but the ones I bought I had to have them shipped to the states ‘cause many in China can’t load an APO address...
  3. Shotgundrums

    Solarforce L2E Build w/M462 (Pic Heavy)

    Clean, quality laser porn, as usual:). Marvelous build Jeff!! That’s definitely a new and unique host! I loved it and thanks for sharing. SGD🍻
  4. Shotgundrums

    Laser tag safety and laser distance

    Interesting write-up. I’d like to see a laser tag rig with nice visible beams. Laser guns firing beams, I love it!! I loved laser tag as a kid. This is pretty cool. SGD🍻
  5. Shotgundrums

    Red Boolit

    Thanks fellas!!! It was a tough build. Had to pull it out several times to make adjustments and ended up using a plain wire for the switch-driver contact. I ended up using a 3E lens. I set the infinit focus. Then dabbed some epoxy around the lens barrel and placed the original cap over it...
  6. Shotgundrums

    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    Hi, Red!! I’ve thought of doing a compact build similar but with a Mitsubishi 500 diode. Maybe a SS C6 or similar and replace the bezel nut with a tube and mount to house the c-lens pair. Then seal er up with a machined end cap......one day😉 SGD🍻
  7. Shotgundrums

    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    Hey, Richie I remember that pen. Big power, small package. ThT sure is a sharp pen!! SGD🍻
  8. Shotgundrums

    Red Boolit

    Last two: SGD🍻
  9. Shotgundrums

    Red Boolit

    This weekend I decided to pull the trigger on another keychain. Oscar’s kitty toy is no longer that. This was, by far, my hardest build. I punched out all the guys and salvaged the switch only. I used a ML101U29 and FlexdriveV5 set to 300mA. Used two sided sticky as a seat for the switch and...
  10. Shotgundrums

    Looking for an adjustable laser that can heat up toenails

    Gosh, couldn’t imagine the smell of burnt toenail and fungus🤮. Pretty damn funny to imagine zapping fungus with a HH laser 🤣 But don’t do it. I don’t always treat toenail fungus. But when I do it’s with a BDR-209 🤣🤣🤣 SGD🍻
  11. Shotgundrums

    Survival Laser Open Thread

    Hi, Gary. I had emailed you a while back asking if some of your existing SL drivers could be reformatted to rectangular fashion etc. This is exciting though!! SGD🍻🍻
  12. Shotgundrums

    Sharp 185mW/638nm Build

    It’s set at 275mA on a nano buck/boost. I actually have this one in my pocket today. SGD🍻
  13. Shotgundrums

    Solid Brass 638nm - Code Name "Frankie" (Pic Heavy)!

    I surely enjoyed the laser blast from the past😍. Beautiful build Jeff!! SGD🍻
  14. Shotgundrums

    some pics blue laser mini size 14500

    Neat build!! Does that coke nail double as a potentiometer tool🤣 SGD🍻
  15. Shotgundrums

    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    Well I must say the matt black looks great with the anodized tube. Perfect match. Awesome job!! SGD🍻
  16. Shotgundrums

    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    I think it looks beautiful as-is, Rich!! SGD🍻
  17. Shotgundrums

    Beautiful blue Lifetime17 host for PLTB450b

    Rock n Roll! Glad it worked for you, too. I’ve got several lenses on the way too. A G7, 2 G2s, and 2 445 2Es(or so it stated). SGD🍻
  18. Shotgundrums

    Beautiful blue Lifetime17 host for PLTB450b

    Paul we gotta find wider, proximate lenses. I’m wondering how they would relate to certain multimode diodes. I I sometimes wonder what could be the results of using DPSS type optics ( focal, expander, Collimate...minus the YAG of course) for multimode diodes. Josh
  19. Shotgundrums


    Hey Miya! DTR also has the PL520 and PL520B. These single mode diodes can be pushed pretty hard. And, they don’t reveal nasty die reflections with a G2. From my experience they have better divergence. But, the B1 is a solid performer for a MM green. Check out my build. I still have it if...
  20. Shotgundrums


    You can get it on Techhood as well. Or at least I’ve seen it advertised. Generally ¥2000 cheaper, too. Not sure if Techhood’s advertising is 100% truthful. They have a good rep. But, with DTR you know 100% of what you’re buying. SGD🍻