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  1. defy

    Hi from the island with messed up weather - hello from England!

    Hi guys Ive been on this forum a lot unregistered just for reading stuff and finding out cool laser things. But i had a burning question about finding a good laser - and here I am! I hope to have a good time here, any tips for using the forum in terms of rules etc are welcome. My reddit...
  2. defy

    Looking for a good quality true 5mW-10mW green laser pointer

    Hi Im looking for a good quality green laser pointer that is a true 5mW , with the output being roughly consistent. Ideally it should be ~5mW but anything between ~5mW and ~10mW should do. Thing is, I cant seem to find any that is not shipped from some far flung country. Bear in mind Im in...
  3. defy

    Rother Valley Optics Laser any good?

    HI guys, im new to the forum - so apologies if i break any rules or anything. I bought a laser (Green, 5mW) from a company in Rotherham by the name of Rother Valley Optics online. It is primarily specialised in products for astronomy (such as telescopes), however they do sell a single laser...