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  1. J

    Guidance/Advice On 1.3W 520nm Build

    After reading up a bit on options for 520nm lasers around 1W I have decided to go the extra step to a NDG7475 diode. Here is a list of everything I am planning to buy: NDG7475 1W 520nm Laser Diode In 12mm Copper Module W/Leads & G-2 Glass lens Link Here S4X™ Host Assembly with Aluminum...
  2. J

    In Search Of Someone To Build a Handheld Green Laser

    Hello everyone, I have owned 2 lasers for a while now and always have wanted something fairly stronger than my 150mW green one. Unfortunately I have no experience when it comes to building these things and what exactly is involved, nor do I want to risk ruining one attempting to do so. If you...