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    WTB: Jayrob's Pocket-mini Laser

    I just found some leftover money, and was hoping to purchase one of Jayrob's pocket mini lasers, but I saw his thread where he said he stopped selling lasers.. >:( (I honestly think they were the best  for sale on the forum) so I was wondering if anyone is willing to give up one of these babies...
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    how to buy a laser

    FINALLY!! A tutorial on how to buy a laser online!!! I couldn't have asked for more...
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    My new laser glove!!

    Would you consider making a few of these to sell?
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    Are you armed with a laser pointer?

    I'll be sure to add you. :D My gamertag is Xdertyxsanchez or something like that I forgot it at the moment.
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    KD 150mW focusable Baton Style Laser NEW MODEL

    Is this site in contact with the U.S. customs like DX? Edit: Never mind it says (Non US) sorry
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    MXDL 3W 635nm!

    pics would be nice?
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    Silver-Zinc batteries in 2009

    According to this article, (http://www.macrumors.com/2008/08/22/silver-zinc-batteries-coming-in-2009/), Silver Zinc batteries are going to be the next-best-thing in the battery world, promising higher energy density than Lithium-Ion batteries. I wonder how these would run in lasers :o EDIT...
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    Pro Tips w/ Spyderz: Building Your First DIY Laser

    Re: Pro Tips w/ Spyderz: Building Your First DIY L Thank you!!!!
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    Cracked Lens

    thanks a lot murudai 8-)
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    Pro Tips w/ Spyderz: Building Your First DIY Laser

    Re: Pro Tips w/ Spyderz: Building Your First DIY L A few questions- If you don't want to put your laser module into a host, do you HAVE to use a driver? I'm not so sure what the driver is used for. Could I just follow the instructions in the video posted below, and use the parts listen in this...
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    Iphone or Itouch DMX controler

    Hahaha indeed ;D. I personally think it's very cool! I'll make a video as soon as I get my new camera, because I just sold my on fleabay a couple weeks ago. Are there any up on youtube?
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    Cracked Lens

    Hi guys, I just opened up the aperture of my X100, and I noticed a crack on the lens. It doesn't seem to interfere with the beam of the laser, even though it is pretty close, but it is still in TEM00, and I wanted to make sure it doesn't weaken the laser's power. Does anyone think it somehow will?
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    My first real laser

    these are the best bang for your buck.
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    Iphone or Itouch DMX controler

    Haha this app is great! I bought it as soon as I saw it, knowing its capabilities. It is great for pranks, plain fun, or for parties, etc. You could control the lighting straight from your iphone/touch. Just make sure you have wifi available (duh). ;). IMO, I don't think it's worth $100, but...
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    Moar inspiration

    its so.... SIMPLE!!! I think I am in love with it. :'( i want one :'(
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    Not sure if I formally introduced myself

    Hey I play waterpolo too. :D What position do you play? I'm a driver, and sometimes a utility player.
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    First review, first laser ! -- X100 PICTURES ADDED

    Re: First review, first laser ! -- X100 haha i'm "in your shoes" bro
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    Indigo Laser?

    I was wondering if there would ever be indigo lasers, which falls between blue and violet on the visible light spectrum. I know it would probably look similar to blue and blu-ray lasers, but it would be kinda cool nonetheless.
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    DrLava's FS thread: kryton blu, 1W 808, 250mW 532

    Re: DrLava's FS thread: kryton blu, 1W 808, 250mW SEXY! (drools)