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  1. matrixcs

    [WTB] Complete build 445nm Laser

    Hi guys, Long time no see, I am looking for a 350mW 445nm Laser and a 500mW 445nm laser that can be shipped here in the philippines via EMS Priority. Please let me know know some prices I will be paying via Western Union. Thanks! GLENN if you are still here please PM me.. JayRob please PM...
  2. matrixcs

    Trading this one

    Hello LPF, It has been a long time since I was here.. Anyway, I am trading this Windows 7 Ultimate x64 bit which I got as an Award as a Microsoft MVP for Windows 7. I am not using this since I have 3 installers too. I am planning to trade this one.. please give me your best offer. I...
  3. matrixcs

    TechNet Account

    well guys after months and weeks that i was gone. I was so busy with my work here in the Philippines, I just passed the MCTS Certification for Windows 7 and Sharepoint 2007. Now I got a TechNet account and can enjoy installing windows 7 and office 2010. I will be gone againd.. thanks MFO for...
  4. matrixcs

    Question about a 9v dv adaptor

    hi guys, I need your help. I have a 9V DC adaptor and here is the specs Model: SPA-2000 INPUT: 100-240VAC 60/50Hz 15W OUTPUT: 9VDC Current: 2000mA Max My question is, how can i convert it's current to a 100mA what component will I add because it's hart to find a 100mA 9vdc here in the...
  5. matrixcs

    Microsoft Anti-Piracy will be released this 2/16/2010

    Hi guys, what do you think of these articles.. It was already confirmed by microsoft. New, voluntary Windows 7 antipiracy update coming Slashdot Your Rights Online Story | Anti-Piracy Windows 7 Update Phones Home Quarterly Lauren Weinstein's Blog: Who Owns Your PC? New Anti-Piracy Windows 7...
  6. matrixcs

    Its nice to be back again

    Hi guys!! i missed LPF.. sorry i got busy because i need to work and recover hard for our family here in the Philippines. Now im back.. this will be an exciting journey again... i really missed a lot so i will be reading more and more.. hehehe
  7. matrixcs

    WARNING: Do not buy HP CQ40-310AU

    Hello everyone, well this is the first time i will do this. Actually im also a victim of this product, alot of customers here in ASIA already complained about HP Compaq Presario CQ40 Series Laptop. Well dont be deceived by the great looking laptop and promising specs.. here is the sample specs...
  8. matrixcs

    Quick Question

    Should my friend take a rest. he got a 1 sec direct hit from a 50mw green laser, the laser went of then went on again and he was looking at it directly his left eye got hit but only for one second... will it be bad??? should he rest for how many days?
  9. matrixcs

    need help on this

    Hi guys, well im not a bass guitar expert or an electronics expert, but i need to help our church on this problem, this bass guitar was donated to our church and its a 5 string bass guitar, the problem is the one who donated it is anonymous and we dont know what brand of bass guitar this one...
  10. matrixcs

    Temporary Offline

    Hi guys, After the 4 typhoons that hit out country these past months, i really need to temporary go offline because i need to help some people who had been affected of the flood. we almost lost our house due to the flood. but thanks to those who helped me get out stuffs, all my lasers and...
  11. matrixcs

    IE8 and the Forum

    Hi there Cold, i have been eexperiencing this for the past 3 days, Im using IE8 to browse the forum, when I go to the site of the forum and enter my password and log in, i will see the welcome screen telling me than im redirected to the forum. but what happens after the redirection is that im...
  12. matrixcs

    A gift from Microsoft

    Hi guys look at this gift from Microsoft that i received 2 days ago. I was helping Microsoft Philippines on their Windows 7 campaign on some schools here. and in return i got these gifts.. A Microsoft Windows 7 jacket, Microsoft Windows 7 lanyard (limited edition) a Microsoft Certified...
  13. matrixcs

    On the 29th

    Hello guys, it has been a while since the day i registered and Joined this forum. To tell you all honestly this forum helped me learn a lot. from a simple laser buyer, i was turned to a laser maker. i had made 40 lasers for me and my friends. all of them are BR laser pens Thanks to all who...
  14. matrixcs

    my custom greenlaser diffraction grating addon

    Hi guys, what i have here is my custom add on diffraction grating on my 150mw green laser (o-like module) on rayfoss host. here is the picture.. the Diffraction grating in Action! Note: the only con on my addon is that you have to remove the head of the rayfoss host to have it added on...
  15. matrixcs

    My BR laser PEN build.

    this is the set of my PEN builds. After reading and inquiring with some top builders here in our forum, i decided to venture in building a PEN type laser which i know is easy to build. I have to builds... the Brass one which is powered via rckstr driver and a Chrome one which is powred with...
  16. matrixcs

    My laser collection

    Hi guys i just want to share my laser collection. these lasers are my favorite among the others for a simple reason.. these lasers are more powerful than the rest.. why? its because most of my previous lasers (green lasers) came from chinese vendors with low quality... like BOBLASER and...
  17. matrixcs

    405nm drivers that fits Aixiz module good for PEN build

    Hi guys here is my size comparison based on what drivers i have.. 1 rckstr fixed current 1 o-like 405nm driver 1 flxdrive v4. all fits aixiz module casing.. Good for PEN build. PROS: these drivers performed well. both the flex drive and o-like driver uses 2 AAA batteries and they serve...
  18. matrixcs

    New 405nm Laser from O-like

    Hi guys, Susie and I are talking about their New product. The New Blue Ray Laser will be out in the market by October 07 2009 and here are the promising results.. Good look, Focusable, 150mw and cheaper than other blue ray products they have. Susie told me that there are no pictures...
  19. matrixcs

    help on this PEN BR build.

    Hi.. I have this PEN BR build, it is powered with rckstr driver (fixed current version..) now a recent situation just happened and the diode of it was killed. (my couzine droped the pen and one of the pins in the PHR diode got broken) so what i did, was to dismantle everything. since it was...
  20. matrixcs

    my PHR dummy load..

    I would just like to share my own dummy load that i created. it works fine! instead of buying a complete build from rckstr and others, i decided to make my own simply because it saves more time to make your own dummy load than buying.. (it is because im in the Philippines) what i did.. bought...