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  1. djLscatt

    replacing the c-mount in a 473nm

    Hello guy :wave: :yabbem: Following the death of my 473 laser :http://laserpointerforums.com/f40/conical-473-s-dead-now-86263.html I'm thinking of changing the pump diode and driver. Lasever proposed me the diode and driver for 140$ shipping included. I know it's hard work to repair for...
  2. djLscatt

    the conical 473 " IT'S DEAD NOW "

    IT'S DEAD NOW:cryyy: hey guy :wave: I bought a few months ago a lasever 473 module from Jayrob: http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/sold-80mw-473nm-lasever-module-lab-industrial-84984.html I asked him to build the laser because he already had the module. it's the same laser as Jay...
  3. djLscatt

    how to make analog modulation ?

    hey guy I want to buy this module RGB 800mW Laser Module White Beam Combined BY638NM 532nm 450NMANALOGO Modulation | eBay i don't think I known how to make an analog modulation. I thought I could use 3 1k pots , 3 2.5k resistances in parallel , 3 237ohms resistances and 2 18650 batteries to...
  4. djLscatt

    9mm 445 from 1913

    A friend of mine asked me to resurrect his old flashlight from 1913 and make a 445 laser. here is what I did: I use a 9mm 445 diode, thanks DTR. a Xboost driver kindly range at 1.5A for a long life of the diode, thanks Clif and Lazereer. a heatsink and focus, thanks Flaminpyro...
  5. djLscatt

    IN MY EYE reke 07 445nm 200mw

    This is not a review but a misadventure.:cryyy: In October 2011, I bought on dinodirect a REKE 07 445nm 200mw. LaserMan 200mW 445nm Star Party Auto Sound DMX512 Single Blue Stage Laser Projector Reke-07 - US DinoDirect.com when I turn on the laser projector , the laser module was uncentered. I...
  6. djLscatt

    oh my god, my m140 diode worked for 40 mn

    when I took it from my bag yesterday, it was on and the batteries were fully decharged. It was in a holster and the tailcap was on the lens. this m140 diode runs with a 1.8A driver, the copper heatsink is from survival laser, and two 18350 batteries . the calculation I made is...
  7. djLscatt

    LPC 826 BUILD first build

    lpc 826 thanks Cajunlasers linear driver thanks Mohgasm 660nm AR Coated Three Element thanks DTR I made a ring with a cooper plubing tube to solder the driver http://i47.tinypic.com/2yttqnl.jpg http://i45.tinypic.com/29oj0p4.jpg http://i46.tinypic.com/33o40lw.jpg...
  8. djLscatt

    Powerful Crown upgrade 500mW green laser PROBLEM

    hi I'm new on this forum and I have a bad news. I bought a Powerful Crown upgrade 500mW green laser 2 months ago and it has a power variation. The beam is sometimes very bright and moves straight away to low bright, ex : from 100 mw to 500 mw in a few seconds. Do you know why ? :(