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    Does any company still make multimode pointers?

    The 35mW pointer I have been using on guided birding trips has finally kicked the bucket, so I am on the hunt for a replacement. A while back I saw a nice two mode 520nm 5mW/50mW laser, and figured that would be perfect for birding trips (5mW for close/shady areas, 50 for brighter or more...
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    Good quality ~100 mW laser

    Hi. I have been using a 5mW and a ~30mW green laser to teach astronomy for a while, and have gotten hooked on the lasers themselves. I managed to pop some balloons with my laser (using a magnifying glass), and that got me wanting more. What would be a good quality laser in the 100-150mW...
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    Please help! I have a 20 mW green laser I use for astronomy. I was out tonight and it started having this glow off to the side and made a rattling sound when moved. Then the beam completely disappeared and it looked like a green flashlight! For a few minutes no light came out except a very weak...