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    Is A Spot Size Of a 1/2 Inch At 50 Feet Good ?

    So for that matter - what's good in general? What would you subjectively quantify as a 'good' laser?
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    How many PCs is too many? lol

    haha, I got plenty too. But have you guys counted how many 'processors' that you own now? the mind boggles at how many of them is powering everyday life now.
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    Lockheed's new 60kW laser system

    Keep in mind that all military hardware eventually gets mothballed. So they actually want to use some, if anything, just to train the team. If you don't use that patriot missile which you've already bought.. it's just gonna go bad anyways..
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    Need Help in Soldering? For Beginners - Solder & Flux 101

    word of advice - try not to inhale excessively during the soldering phase. It may make you unnecessary giddy [jk - it's not good fo ryou]. A breathing pattern in which you exhale when you solder is generally a good long term health-related practice.