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    Just ordered a 20mW 405nm Laser from Aixiz

    Very true, the relative low cost of the unit itself makes it less scary to mess with. I'm curious though, where was the POT on the unit, the photo makes it look like a brass barrel w/ two wires coming out- does the barrel hide a driver w/ POT on it? If so how easy is it to get to it?
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    Just ordered a 20mW 405nm Laser from Aixiz

    Pretty excited as it'll be my first non red or green laser. Anybody bought one of these before? Any tips? I have the 15mW 532nm kit from aixiz too, it seems pretty overpowered for its supposed rating, I'm hoping to find the same from this new blue/violet module. My 15mW can burn electrical...
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    70mw RED Module With Driver $17.24

    I'd be interested in this unit but I'm currently in the middle of a very frustrating botched order from DealExtreme right now. Its too bad, I love my DX50 and I was pleased with the customer service.
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    FS >150mw Red laser (Kentorch) Dorcy Jr.

    I'm interested but I gotta wait to see if I get some extra $$ for x-mas.
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    static discharge protection??

    Nothing beats a good grounded wrist or ankle strap. And a non conductive mat. Granted I don't have all that at home, just at work. Though if I were to setup a workshop area thats what I'd do.
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    500mW 808nm Laser vs. Electrical Tape

    So for the 808nm... did you just take the crystal off a greenie?
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    Orange laser show

    Hadn't really been all that excited about orange/yellow beams till I saw these images... gorgeous.
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    1000 mW RGB scanner

    Why must sweet laser shows always be accompanied by shitty techno? Well I suppose I did once see a Pink Floyd laser show. None the less- amazing show. Very cool effects. Out of curiousity... 1000mw... very dangerous in many situations. How do they tweak laser shows to be bright but not blinding?
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    Laser themed podcast?

    Anyone heard of one? Kind of seems like a niche that would've already been filled. It'd be cool to have someone, like the guy from LED Museum or someone else similarly qualified, talk about the state of the industry- emerging technologies and new deals.
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    Frankenstien labby burns through CD Case

    K its official I need a lab laser.
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    The Laser Pumpkin is Alive!!

    Wicked sweet.
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    2 watt 808nm burns through floppy FAST!

    hope you wore your goggles.
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    New Raffle !  NEW NOVA X-85 !!!  WITH CA

    Re: New Raffle !  NEW NOVA X-85 !!!  WITH CA So uh... Tritium is like a radioactive gas right... isn't that a bit dangerous?
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    New Raffle !  NEW NOVA X-85 !!!  WITH CA

    Re: New Raffle !  NEW NOVA X-85 !!!  WITH CA 1 Ticket. Cash sent via PayPal. Fingers = crossed.
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    fun with caps

    Flippen sweet splodeys.
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    Very cool shot.
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    hercules 300

    It frightens me a little that looking at the specs on this Laser make me actually consider purchasing one when I have the money. Anything over 800 bucks is pretty crazy to spend on a laser in my opinion and yet.... but I would almost would do it.
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    Rain, rain, and more rain !

    Its been a long while since I've tried it but I've had similarly cool experiences with my 22.5mW Atlasnova in the rain. Lately I've had to be extra careful here in Hawaii due to morons shining lasers at Cost Guard aircraft. One of these days I want to try my DX 50mW on one of the lookout...