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    New 520nm 500mw Build

    Just completed a new build, 520nm, 500mw (driver set to 600ma output) buck boost driver off a single 18650. I won the Nichia NUGM01 diode for 35$ shipped on ebay, so I absolutely had to build a new handheld solid state green laser. Used a stainless waterproof Cree 3W flashlight host, also...
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    15$ DIY Copper Host Tutorial for 150mw Greenie.

    Hello everyone, I'm working on a very simple, very cheap host to accept either an Aixiz module case or green assembly. As I'm a new member here, I figured I'd post the entire thing as a quick tutorial, as it truly cost me around 10$ in hardware store copper, a few dollars in tools and around 2...
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    Best Driver to Push 500mw Mitsubishi off single 3.7v Li-Ion Cell.

    So, I've done a lot of resarch about this, and I'm wondering if anyone has any first-hand recomendations. I'm putting together a mini 638nm pointer, hoping to get around 500mw from it (nothing too crazy, for battery charge lifetime) but I'll be powering it with a single 3.7v protected li-ion...