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  1. smallfreak

    What kind of eye protection should I get for my red laser?

    If you use two or more batteries in ANY device, make sure, they are the same capacity i.e. use the exact same model. Do not mix manufacturers or models and always use and charge or change them together. Otherwise there IS a chance that one of the batteries runs empty while the other still has...
  2. smallfreak

    Safety with 50mW 532 nm laser pointer

    You are not likely to hurt your eyes, by looking at a diffuse reflection of a 50mW Laser, even at relatively small distances. The power dissipates with the square of the distance —as you certainly know. You should avoid using magnifiers to watch the dot, as you would again gather much more of...
  3. smallfreak

    Laserlands 520nm 5mW, comparison with 532nm?

    You had plenty of occasions to learn to see the difference in a couple of similar greens and yet you only get 80% right when you try. What makes you think someone without that experience and only a single sample can tell for sure whether it is 520 or 532?
  4. smallfreak

    Hello from Munich, Germany

    Hallo Wolfgang, ich bin in der Nähe von Salzburg, also vergleichsweise in der Nachbarschaft. Hier sind ein paar wirklich coole Typen zu finden. Es war eine gute Entscheidung, zuerst hierher zu kommen und dann erst etwas zu bestellen. Manche machen es genau umgekehrt. :rolleyes: Ich habe...
  5. smallfreak

    Laserlands 520nm 5mW, comparison with 532nm?

    5mW green IS pretty bright, that's why usually you don't need more of this. If you have never seen a Laser with higher power it's hard to judge. If you are not immediately "shocked by the unbelievable brightness", then it's probably not 50mW. To determine the wavelength you could try a home...
  6. smallfreak

    Help finding Long Distance Laser

    As I said: Dunning-Kruger. Yes, on a flat plane you can "look further because of perspective". Since it is not curved, objects do not vanish behind the bulge. Everything is "visible" even at "astronomical" distances. It just gets smaller alltogether. Perspective on a flat plane can NEVER show...
  7. smallfreak

    Help finding Long Distance Laser

    Wrong. Even the ancient greek KNEW that the globe is round in every direction by a simple observation. Ships that come from behind the horizon are first spotted by their sails, later by the boat itself. So it must be travelling "a mountain". This also proves the horizon to be a certain distance...
  8. smallfreak

    A little help please

    Does anyone really do this? That‘s some kind of movie effect, like cars that explode when hit. Everyone KNOWS that this treatment does not help in real life. But as soon as the hero enters a dark and dangerous place, the flashlight HAS to flicker and go off and the hero HAS to bang it several...
  9. smallfreak

    Two dots?

    (y) Take that offer. You certainly will get the entire focusing part, with the lens mounted in, not the lens itself. So it is a simple screw off and on replacement. Getting the LENS out of the case is tricky, as you need the right tools to unscrew the mounting ring without making the problem...
  10. smallfreak

    Has anyone tried using a “twist” vape battery?

    This would not work out. The „constant current“ driver on the laser is designed to keep the current constant, whatever voltage the battery delivers. If it falls below the threshhold, it simply shuts off. If you have a „boost“ driver, the electronics would try to raise the voltage above what the...
  11. smallfreak

    Two dots?

    If you insist to take it apart instead of ask for exchange, you could unscrew the lens (remember which part is facing forward), blacken the lens edges with a black felt pen and do the same with the interior of the lens chamber and window ring. When you reseat the lens, make sure it is centered...
  12. smallfreak

    Two dots?

    This looks like some internal reflection. If it´s of considerable brightness, which cannot be judged from the image, I would complain and ask for replacement. You could try to mask it off, but it may well be that it does not infere at all with the intended use. Any hint that the beam is not...
  13. smallfreak

    Laser did i waste money

    Class 3b and up is illegal almost everywhere... I like those eBay ads. You can read from them whatever you want. Naming the Product 2WBW1 might hint you in the 2W direction, especially if they name the Diode „BW1“. In the tech spec they promise 2mW, later „max 5mW“. So if it turnes out to...
  14. smallfreak

    First laser(s) build ever!

    Lasers are a good choice if you want to apply high energy density on a small spot. Heating things „evenly“ is usually just the oposite of that. What kind of „things“ do you want to heat and produce vapor of it? This might well influence the overall concept, as it is not enough to throw a Laser...
  15. smallfreak

    Found 2 lasers in a DVD reader. want to build first handheld laser.

    Please stay away from the 39WDV. This is an IR diode of at least 80mW. While it might LOOK like a fairly dull and faint red, it is a real powerful and dangerous invisible light. Don‘t try to power that on without proper eye shields! The other one is a visible red and suitable for building a...
  16. smallfreak

    Reason for the beam being way more visible from the front?

    If you imagine the particles as big, shiny spheres, you will expect a fairly even distribution of stray light in any direction. However, the world usually does not provide us with perfectly shiny and spherical dust grains and light travels more complicated than straight lines, when interacting...
  17. smallfreak

    A better green laser pointer?

    The most difficult part is soldering and mounting the diode. Laser diodes are very sensitive to static electricity. The kind that builds up walking across a synthetic floor or waring clothes with synthetic fibers. You certainly know that one, as everybody gets a buzz now and then, touching...
  18. smallfreak

    A better green laser pointer?

    This ist mainly because the 302-Type pointers use unregulated drivers. They may be anything between 30 and 80mW, but more likely to the high end. So it's quite possible the actual power is very similar and with no relation to the advertized "guess". Only a few of them are really measured with a...
  19. smallfreak

    How to achieve a wide & long beam?

    To get a good visible beam, you need a couple of cm diameter, so any "strong flashlight" with a 3+W LED might serve as a good starting point. Maybe you could apply this technology on a common Flashlight with a Cree XHP70 LED. To achieve wider beam without a bulky lens, one could utilize a...
  20. smallfreak

    How to achieve a wide & long beam?

    This is what you are looking for: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Searchlight The problem with a Laser is its small beam size, even with an expander. You need a big volume of air, containing a big volume of particles that can deflect the light. A tiny, highly colimated and powerful Laser beam...