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    Hello all

    Hi there, I'm someone who's fairly new to lasers in general, living in the UK - I came across these forums when trying to find out more about them for my job, and am intrigued to consider trying to build my own someday (when I can get the time!) Nice to meet you all.
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    Would appreciate some advice!

    Thanks again - I'll maybe go for the 200mW green laser I linked to and find the distance that works. I'll also post an introduction later on! :) Edit - I've also looked into safety goggles as well, appreciate the safety advice for sure though, RedCowboy!
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    Would appreciate some advice!

    Thanks for your advice. Are you advising a 1W laser because of the 20m distance, or to pop balloons in general? If needed, I could pop them close-up!
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    Would appreciate some advice!

    Hello everyone, I'm a complete beginner when it comes to lasers, so I thought this seemed like a good place to go for advice! I work at a science education centre in the UK, and I'm looking to purchase a laser that can pop an appropriately-coloured balloon from about 20m away (but that won't...